buySAFE, Inc. Launches World’s First Risk-Free Shopping Network

Katie Evans

Unprecedented Collaboration from Key Industry Players Enables Launch of the Bonded Shopping Network

ARLINGTON, VA (June 3, 2008) -
buySAFE, Inc. today announced the launch of the buySAFE Bonded Shopping Network (“BSN”), a performance-based advertising network that directs consumers looking for risk-free shopping directly to buySAFE Bonded Merchants. The Bonded Shopping Network solves a core problem of eCommerce: it brings together consumers searching for risk-free shopping with trustworthy online merchants.

buySAFE has established itself as the leader in risk-free shopping through its Bonded Merchant program. The BSN builds on this foundation with two key innovations:

The BSN channels buyers to Bonded Merchant websites directly, via 3rd party comparison shopping sites and through buySAFE Shopping (shopping.buysafe.com).

buySAFE has selected industry leaders SingleFeed, MerchantAdvantage, Mercent and TheFind as its key technology providers to ensure that the inventory data from thousands of Bonded Merchants populates the Bonded Shopping Network. These partners enable the immediate availability of live inventory data to many of the industry’s leading comparison shopping sites. This collaboration makes the Bonded Shopping Network a true game-changer. Additional comparison shopping sites are joining the Bonded Shopping Network at a rate that will exceed 100 sites in the next 60 days.

CEO Jeff Grass said, "The Bonded Shopping Network splits eCommerce into two zones: One is safe, easy and 100% risk-free for shoppers AND offers merchants a new customer channel through a risk-free ad model. The other is a jungle: risky for both shoppers and merchants. We`re delighted to be at the center of this new and inevitable phase of eCommerce." For information, please visit www.buysafe.com/landing/bsn_reply.html.

About buySAFE, Inc.
Backed by the strength of Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and ACE, buySAFE partners with online merchants to provide their buyers trusted, risk-free shopping. buySAFE inspects online merchants, monitors their performance and bonds their shoppers’ purchases up to $25,000. Over 16 million guaranteed purchases from over 3,000 merchants prove that Bonded Merchants enjoy increased sales and profitability by providing their customers a more confident online shopping experience.


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