Retail Marketing Group`s New Marketing Plan Partnership with MyWebGrocer to Launch Full Online Channels

Don Davis

Colchester, VT 2008: MyWebGrocer, leader in the online grocery industry, announced the partnership of Retail Marketing Group`s co-op of 30 Thriftway and Shop N` Bag stores to launch online channels. Located in the Philadelphia market, this partnership expands MyWebGrocer`s network in an important region.

The agreement between MyWebGrocer and Retail Marketing Group supports all 30 stores, which enables them to establish an enhanced online channel. Retail Marketing Group`s co-operative marketing affiliation with Thriftway and Shop N` Bag stores assists with numerous marketing opportunities. Adding MyWebGrocer services will only enhance their efforts. As the online grocery industry grows, Retail Marketing Group knows that it is important for their stores to establish a premier online channel, "It is important for our stores to stay up to date. Providing advanced online functionality is a logical step," explains Charlie Schuster, General Manager for Retail Marketing Group, "MyWebGrocer`s integration of services and broad product line will allow our stores to provide customers with the services that will make their lives easier".

The new online services will include a total website re-design, hosting, online weekly circular, enhanced email program, and online recipe functionality. The integration of these features allows for easier, faster, and more satisfying shopping experience for Retail Marketing Group`s co-op consumers. Curt Alpeter, Senior Vice President of Sales for MyWebGrocer, explains, "In today`s marketplace, online channels have become a key driver of branding and sales and we are pleased the independent owners of Thriftway and Shop N` Bag stores have made a collective commitment to bring value-added services to their customers".

With 94% of Americans shopping online, creating an online space is crucial for retail grocers, "There are significant opportunities for retail grocers on the web," continues Curt Alpeter, "The Web 2.0 environment brings some exciting new tools to retailers that enable them to meet the needs of their consumers. Our partnership with the Retail Marketing Group will enable them to do just that."

About MyWebGrocer:
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