InterWorld Highway scores with niche site built for plus board maker

When a manufacturer asked InterWorld Highway how to boost sales, the online retailer of electronic testing and educational equipment and supplies created a niche site: HalfTimeBoard.com.

Mark Brohan

When Plus Vision Corp. of America asked InterWorld Highway LLC how to boost sales, the holding company that owns and operates online retailers of electronic testing and educational equipment and supplies created a niche site called HalfTimeBoard.com.

“The manufacturer asked ‘what do we have to do to increase our sales by about 400%?’” says Richard E. Wagner, president of InterWorld. “My response to them was that we really have to go out and create a new market for them.”

InterWorld, No. 316 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, in December created the site to promote one specific item manufactured by Plus Vision Corp. -- a plus board designed for athletic directors and coaches in schools and sports programs, Wagner says.

A plus board scans and prints whatever content is drawn on it to a sheet of paper, or content can be saved to a flash drive, Wagner says. “By putting the overlay -- say a football field -- on the board you actually wind up printing a play for a football coach who can then save it to a USB drive or print it out and give it to their players. This is the kind of thing a coach might use at half time. ”

InterWorld introduced the site at an athletic trade show in December. A 100,000 piece mailing promoting the site is scheduled for February, when schools typically begin working on their budgets, Wagner says.

InterWorld sells products through Tequipment.net, TechEduc.com and Touchboards.com.


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