Comm-Works Announces TotalStore Support

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Comprehensive services and 24/7 IP device and systems¹ support For retailers¹ remote locations

Minneapolis -- January 14, 2008 -- Comm-Works LLC, a leading North American provider of technology and infrastructure services and solutions for the retail industry, announced the availability of its TotalStore Support. This single-source, comprehensive managed services offering provides remote and onsite 24/7 support for all IP and other systems at retailers’ remote locations across North America, optimizing systems availability and return on investment.

Al Lampe, Comm-Works’ president and chief executive officer, said, “We understand that effectively supporting and managing equipment and systems for retail locations spread across North America can be a challenge for many retailers.” He continued, “For that reason Comm-Works is proud to announce the availability of TotalStore Support, a complete solution designed to alleviate the challenges centralized IT departments face when dealing with their remote store locations.”

TotalStore Support designed to maximize sales per square foot
From understanding the equipment makeup of each store to knowing how to manage facility issues, Comm-Works’ TotalStore Support gives retailers the single-source support they need to keep everything running smoothly ¬ no matter the type of equipment or where the store is located, the company said. Comm-Works believes that TotalStore Support is unique in the retail marketplace in supporting all major manufacturer platforms and equipment including point of sale, traffic counting, digital signage as well as voice and data equipment, workstations and printers. Its dispatch services keep other systems essential to uninterrupted operations such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical, running smoothly.

According to Comm-Works, the end result is maximized system availability, which results in a better customer experience, the ability to achieve targeted sales per square foot and having a predictable store-by-store cost model. TotalStore Support also reduces opportunity costs by allowing retailers to focus on their core business without having to contend with the complexities of remote site management.

Providing the right level of support ¬ 24/7 Comm-Works offers four TotalStore Support packages, each providing a different level of support. “We know that retailers have varying needs on the support they require.” said Lampe, “For that reason, we have developed four distinct packages to be able to offer the best fit for our customers.” Packages range from problem monitoring and notification to remote Moves/Adds/Changes to on-site problem resolution. Comm-Works completes the offer by providing additional optional support including parts delivery and dispatch services. Whether a location has an electrical or HVAC issue or simply needs a replacement part delivered, Comm-Works acts as a single point of contact to ensure rapid, no-hassle resolution.

Comm-Works leverages its advanced Network Operations Center to offer sophisticated monitoring technologies and expertise as part of its TotalStore Support, integrating remote management and on-site resolution capabilities. The company finds that these additional capabilities enhance the overall support power of TotalStore Support managed services.

About Comm-Works Holdings, LLC

With over 200,000 sites deployed, Comm-Works is a leading North American provider of technology and infrastructure services and solutions for the retail industry. Comm-Works offers a full range of scalable voice and data services, dedicated project management including Web-WorksSM ¬ a real time Web-based project management tool, 24x7 on-site support and managed services provided by a team of 3,000 service partners and 12,500 qualified technicians. For more information, go to www.comm-works.com .


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