Russian mobile phone operator launches a search portal

MTS has created a Russian-language search portal that has increased searches by 60% and resulted in more downloads of such digital content as ringtones, games, pictures and music.

Paul Demery

MTS, Russia’s largest mobile phone network operator with 78 million subscribers, has launched a Russian-language mobile search portal using technology from Norway-based Fast Search & Transfer. The new portal has increased searches by 60% in the first three months of operation and increased downloads of such digital content as ringtones, music, videos, pictures and games, Fast says.

The system is designed to deliver results in a format appropriate for the customer’s cell phone in an effort to increase revenue and reduce churn-that is, customers switching to other mobile operators.

“The FAST-powered MTS mobile search solution enables us to deliver on our commitment to innovative and mobile experience,” says Pavel Roytberg, director of the product and services department at MTS. “MTS will continue to innovate on FAST’s solution by introducing new search capabilities that will enable MTS to sit at the center of the user’s digital lifestyle.”

MTS plans to offer a unique collection of sites accessible through WAP mobile Internet technology with its own search relevance and ranking rules so as to provide content appropriate to Russians searching via their mobile phones.


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