MODASolutions Takes Cash Payments to New Levels with Introduction of eBillme(TM)

Don Davis

Company launches comprehensive rebranding campaign and new service offerings for its SECURE-eBill product-now called eBillme-to enhance the consumer online shopping experience

WILMINGTON, Del.-May 21, 2007-MODASolutions, the leading provider of payment solutions that extend online banking to checkout, today announced the renaming of its flagship product from SECURE-eBill to eBillme. The rebranding campaign, building on the company`s strong customer commitment and market position in the alternative payment industry, coupled with a new Buyer Protection Program, makes eBillme one of the first cash-like payment options to offer consumers a protection program similar to credit cards.

"Our rebranding initiatives emphasize our commitment to offering consumers and retailers a secure and successful online checkout experience," says Marwan Forzley, President and CEO of MODASolutions. "We deliver a customer-centric approach to shopping online that is safe, flexible, and easy to use-while never requiring consumers to divulge financial information or increase debt."

As part of this product rebranding, MODASolutions has introduced the eBillme Buyer Protection Program, a free service that protects consumers against loss, theft, or delays in shipment for any product purchased using the payment option. The consumer protection program also includes dispute resolution handling. eBillme merchants and customers can find more information on the Buyer Protection Program at www.eBillme.com, the company`s redesigned Web site.

The new site, which offers a detailed product tour, gives visitors information on how to use eBillme and tells where they can shop online using the payment option. The Web site also features a Special Offers section, where customers can discover the latest discounts and promotions being offered at their favorite eBillme merchants.

The eBillme payment process remains fast and easy to use, and is available when shopping online, by catalog, or by phone. Shoppers simply select eBillme at checkout, and proceed to their online bank account to pay for the order. eBillme works with any financial institution that offers online bill pay, including banks, credit unions, and bill pay portals. With eBillme, no financial information is entered over the Internet or phone, and the payment transaction is securely transferred from the customer`s bank to the retailer`s bank.


MODASolutions is the leading provider of payment solutions that extend online banking to the merchant`s checkout. The company is dedicated to increasing merchant sales by leveraging the power of online banking, while reducing the security risks of shopping online for both consumers and retailers. The company`s flagship product, eBillme(TM), does not require consumers to release any financial information when placing orders. Consumers can shop online, by catalog, or through call centers, and pay for purchases at their bank, credit union, or bill pay portal, with the security and convenience of online banking. eBillme gives retailers access to over 84 million American users of online banking. More information on the company can be found at www.MODASolutions.com.

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