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NORWALK, CT, May 16, 2007 - Webloyalty.com, a leading provider of technology-based, online marketing services, today announced that its revenues reached $143.9 million in 2006, a 33 percent increase from 2005 revenues of $108.6 million. Company revenues also grew by 26 percent in 2005 as compared with 2004.

The impressive growth of Webloyalty can be attributed to many factors. One reason is the prevalence of Internet use. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, Internet use is ubiquitous in the US with 73 percent of American adults going online. Pew now considers the average American adult to be the average American Internet user.

“As adults become more comfortable online, they may look to the Internet for fun and convenience. A Webloyalty service such as Reservation Rewards enables members to print out two-for-one dining coupons as they walk out the door to a restaurant. There’s no more clipping, storing and checking expiration dates. The online rewards program experience has improved the quality of everyday life,” said Rick Fernandes, CEO, Webloyalty.com.

Fernandes also considers Webloyalty employees to be contributors to company growth. Webloyalty currently employs almost 300 people, an increase of 16 percent since the end of 2006. “We are particularly indebted to our employees, without whom our growth would not have been possible,” continued Fernandes, “Their hard work and dedication have provided value to our clients and members, and we look forward to long relationships with each member of our staff.”

Along with financial and personnel growth, Webloyalty also achieved the following milestones in 2006:

• NASCAR / Stoneacre partnership – Webloyalty began marketing and managing the Official NASCAR Members Club in July 2006.
• Fast 500 / Fast 50 – Webloyalty was ranked the 12th fastest growing technology company in North America and the fastest-growing technology company in Connecticut for the second consecutive year by Deloitte`s Technology Fast 500 and Fast 50 Programs.
• Always On Media – Webloyalty was named one of the top private companies in North America by Always On Media, a global media company and blog network. Criteria for the ranking included innovation, market potential, customer adoption, media buzz and investor value creation.

About Webloyalty

Webloyalty.com, a leading provider of technology-based, online marketing services, supplies approximately two million subscribers with discount, protection and online rewards programs, including Reservation Rewards and Shopper Discounts and Rewards. Members benefit from high value subscription services that match their needs and interests. Webloyalty clients – over 140 e-commerce, e-travel and e-subscription businesses – benefit from increased revenue and repeat purchases.

Additional information about Webloyalty is available at www.webloyalty.com. For customer service, please contact 1-800-732-7031 or customerservice@webloyalty.com.


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