vSocial Launches ProPublisher, An Integrated Video Publishing and Social Networking Service

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Self-service solution allows companies of all sizes to easily launch branded video channels and microsites

TEMPE, AZ – February 13, 2007 – vSocial, Inc. today announced the availability of ProPublisher, a turnkey hosted service providing a simple to use, yet full featured solution for creating, distributing and monetizing branded Internet video channels and microsites. Simultaneously, vSocial announced that its hosted MyBrand solution, which enables content creators to custom brand the look and feel of individual videos and monetize them via in-video advertising, is now wholly ad-supported. Previously, the service was a fee-based offering for commercial users.

“Online video has emerged as one of the fastest growing phenomena on the Web, with hundreds of millions of videos viewed every single day. This rapidly growing wave heralds the day when consumers can choose from thousands of video channels covering every interest imaginable,” said Mark Sigal, CEO of vSocial. “ProPublisher was built for the countless number of businesses and organizations who want to provide video and social networking capabilities on their Web sites without having to build their own infrastructure or surrender control of their brand.”

vSocial, a thought leader in this space since 2002, has designed ProPublisher around the concept of a social media network-a new type of broadcast model that combines this surplus of video channels with the viral reach and conversation-generating power of social networking functionality. Such a model allows individuals, organizations and brands to communicate with, entertain, educate, market and/or sell to their target audience much more easily and cost effectively than in the past.

Building on the established features of the vSocial’s vConnect social networking for video platform, ProPublisher reduces the process of launching new video channels to four easy steps:

  • Select video channel templates and color schemes (or create your own);
  • Create content categories and moderate uploaded content;
  • Choose distribution options throughout the vSocial network;
  • Customize social networking options such that content consumers can rate, review, share, personalize, manage and sample the channel builder’s content in a manner that cultivates an audience and maximizes the reach of that content.

  • ProPublisher also enables users to easily integrate in-video ads into their branded content channels, if they desire. ESPN’s Bass Professor, located at http://espnsbassprofessor.vsocial.com, is an example of a ProPublisher-powered video channel. Dozens of companies in the media, entertainment, advertising and consumer spaces, including GM’s Chevy unit, CBS (local affiliates), ESPN, VOYTV (Latin media) and Sony Pictures, have turned to vSocial because they were looking to supercharge their online efforts through video/social networking in a manner that enhances their brand, connects with their audience and runs on their website.

    “Digital media already is showing signs of impacting “traditional” broadcast models by shifting control down to consumers, opening up opportunities for a new breed of broadcasters poised to change the face of what we used to call TV.” said Allen Weiner, Research Vice President at Gartner.

    Pricing and Availability:

    vSocial’s ProPublisher service is available for US $199 per month plus revenue sharing on any in-video ads served. For more information about ProPublisher, go to http://www.vsocial.com/propublisher.

    About vSocial:
    Founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs that have collectively built 11 different companies, vSocial is a pioneer in the online video space, having launched the initial version of its service way back in 2002. vConnect is a social networking for video platform that enables content owners, portal operators and online marketing organizations to custom brand, target, virally distribute and monetize their message via video. Customers can see-touch-feel the vConnect solution by visiting the company’s popular showcase site, vSocial.com, which generates 200,000 unique daily visitors and serves up over 1.5M videos a day. vSocial is headquartered in Arizona, with offices in San Francisco. For more information, visit www.vsocial.com/vconnect.

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