HMV Capitalizes on Threefold Increase in Holiday Traffic with Dieselpoint Search

Bill Briggs

As Last Minute Holiday Shoppers Hit the Web, HMV Converts Visitors to Sales Using Dieselpoint Search

Chicago, IL – January 3rd, 2007 – While competitor iTunes made headlines for collapsing under the weight of enormous holiday traffic, HMV quietly handled a tremendous threefold increase in holiday traffic with Dieselpoint Search.

The last minute Christmas rush is an ever growing piece of the holiday pie. Online holiday sales accounted for $23.11 billion in the US alone in 2006 according to comScore Networks. The week before Christmas saw a surge of internet shopping; an increase of 38 percent over the same period last year. With the right search software, HMV was able to capitalize on this trend.

“At the peak, Dieselpoint was handling 500 queries per second on only four low cost servers” explained Neill Randall, HMV’s Web Development Manager. “Although HMV had additional servers on hand as backups, the Dieselpoint engine kept up so they weren’t necessary” added Randall.

With over 85 years of retail history, HMV is the UK’s largest retailer of music. HMV contracted with Dieselpoint to implement a sophisticated and scalable search-and-browse interface that allows shoppers to find albums by browsing artists, genres, and promotions, searching by keywords, and navigating results pages. Search results are sorted by most popular, artist, date, and other fields. It takes advantage of Dieselpoint`s near-real-time update capability to promote albums on sale, and then take them down as soon as the album has sold out.

“The importance of investing in scalable software and hardware redundancy is rarely more apparent than during holiday traffic surges” said Chris Cleveland, CEO of Dieselpoint, Inc. “Dieselpoint Search’s speed, scalability and small footprint enabled HMV to handle a rapid increase in users efficiently and at extremely low incremental cost.”

About Dieselpoint
Founded in 1999, Dieselpoint provides high-performance search, navigation, and discovery/information retrieval for structured and unstructured data. Typical applications include large-scale product catalogs, website search, document repositories, intranet search, and OEM software. It currently powers some of the world’s most innovative applications at Sony, McGraw-Hill, Northrop Grumman, The Federal Reserve, ITT, Porsche and HMV. Dieselpoint has developed industry-leading advances in search technology, combining advanced full-text and linguistic techniques with high-performance data navigation to yield intuitive user interfaces not possible with other applications. Further information can be found online at www.dieselpoint.com.

About HMV UK Limited
HMV is the UK and Ireland`s leading specialist retailer of Music, DVD/Video, Computer Games and Related Products. HMV is part of HMV Group plc, which as of April 2004 operated 366 HMV stores in eight countries across Europe, North America and Pacific Asia as well as 193 Waterstone’s stores principally in the UK and Ireland. Further information can be found online at www.hmv.co.uk.

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