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DoubleClick Launches DART Adapt Revenue Module Charter Program

NEW YORK, NY, December 6, 2006 - DoubleClick Inc., the premier provider of digital advertising technology and services, today announced that 24 new North American clients have implemented the DART Adapt Performance Module, the company’s highly advanced optimization solution for publishers. Clients include TheStreet.com, About.com, PriceGrabber.com, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, Media News Group and Napster.

In addition to the new client wins, DoubleClick today announced the launch of a charter program for the DART Adapt Revenue Module. The DART Adapt Revenue Module and the DART Adapt Performance Module together comprise the DART Adapt for Publishers platform, which provides the foundation for a broader suite of optimization solutions, which DoubleClick will launch in 2007.

“DART Adapt provides a valuable solution that enhances the effectiveness of our ad campaigns. DART Adapt’s ability to optimize performance in real time has a positive effect on advertiser satisfaction and renewals,” said Jordan Siegel, director of ad sales operations at TheStreet.com. “The fact that this service is so well integrated into the DART Ad Serving system is a tremendous advantage.”

“We’ve used DART Adapt for several advertisers and found that it has generated an increase in click-through rates for our clients and additional traffic to their Web sites,” said Anindya Ghosh, media coordinator at PriceGrabber.com. “DART Adapt has proven itself as a performance-enhancing technology, and the team at DoubleClick has been a huge help in providing us with great data and customer service.”

The DART Adapt Performance Module, launched in April 2006, is a solution that helps publishers maximize performance of online advertising campaigns. Whether advertisers are measuring clicks or activities, the solution targets the users most likely to respond. To date, DART Adapt has served over 40 billion optimized impressions, and over 1,000 advertiser campaigns have benefited from a DART Adapt-enabled publisher site. About.com, one of America’s largest developers of original content on the Web, implemented the beta version of DART Adapt in February 2005 and has since used the solution to serve almost two billion optimized impressions for hundreds of advertisers.

Since implementation, About.com has reported a continuous positive click lift versus a control group. On average the click lift is 30 percent, and on a single advertiser basis, the click lift has been reported as high as 250 percent. In addition to a dramatic increase in click lift, DART Adapt has increased About.com’s ad serving efficiency. About.com is seeing an estimated 15 percent increase in employee efficiency by using DART Adapt and has increased the number of campaigns being optimized without requiring an increase in human resources.

“DART Adapt has allowed our advertising clients to extract greater value from their online campaigns, and it’s a tool that works alongside our existing business processes right out of the box,” said Benjamin Reid, vice president of sales operations for About.com. “We have found that the more performance-oriented a client is, the more they value DART Adapt – which is a testament to its value.”

In a further enhancement of the DART Adapt service offering, DoubleClick is today launching a charter for the DART Adapt Revenue Module, a new component of the platform that drives revenue for a publisher’s site by ensuring the highest-paying ad serves first. The Revenue Module is designed to optimize remnant inventory by matching cost-per-click (CPC) ads with the users most likely to respond, directly increasing revenue, and by optimizing ad selection between competing CPC, ad network and CPM ads to serve the highest value ads first.

“We designed DART Adapt to enable publishers to improve campaign performance for their premium advertisers while generating more revenue from their ad inventory,” said Brad Bender, vice president of Optimization Solutions for DoubleClick. “The two modules that make up DART Adapt – Performance and Revenue – work in parallel to match the highest revenue-generating ad with the most appropriate audience.”

For more information about DART Adapt, please visit www.doubleclick.com/dartadapt.

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