Elastic Path Software Announces Single Page Checkout for Online Stores

Paul Demery

AJAX-based Ecommerce Checkout Improves Customer Experience to Reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment, Boosting Revenue for Online Retailers

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -October 23, 2006-Elastic Path Software, a pioneer of flexible ecommerce software, today announced Elastic Path One PageT, a new single page checkout technology that allows returning customers to complete online orders with a single click. Elastic Path is announcing its AJAX-powered One Page checkout alongside the availability of Elastic Path 5, the most recent advancement of its innovative ecommerce platform (see October 23, 2006 press release "Elastic Path Software Announces Next Generation Ecommerce Platform").

With more and more consumers embracing online technology, the ecommerce industry is thriving. However, current research from MarketingSherpa indicates nearly three out of every five online shoppers abandon their shopping cart before finishing the order, leaving online retailers facing one of the biggest profit challenges today. Issues such as unknown delivery times, failure to disclose shipping costs prior to asking for personal information, complicated and inefficient checkout process and unintuitive error handling drive frustrated shoppers to abandon their order, costing retailers millions in lost revenue.

Elastic Path is the first major ecommerce software vendor to offer a 100% browser-based Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)-powered one page checkout. By definition, AJAX technology enables web pages to be more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind-the-scenes so that the entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user makes a change. The end result is an increase in the web page`s interactivity, speed, and usability, all of which contribute to online consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Elastic Path One Page provides customers with a constant snapshot of order details and the shopping cart, allows cart contents to be adjusted at any time without losing data that`s already been entered, and allows customers to see the effect of an applied promotion code without ever leaving the checkout process. Additionally, by maintaining a small size footprint, Elastic Path One Page loads in under half the time of competing flash-based offerings, enabling retailers to provide an optimal shopping experience without demanding the presence of finicky browser plug-ins.

"When seeking a new ecommerce platform, our number one criteria was flexibility and scalability," said Nancy Morison, vice president of product management at Coastal Contacts Inc. "After evaluating vendors such as ATG and Blue Martini, we determined that Elastic Path`s platform best met our technical needs and, with its single screen checkout and guided selling, it delivered the most intuitive shopping experience for our customers."

"To be both cost-effective and flexible, Elastic Path develops its platform using open source components and proven rich internet technology such as AJAX," said Harry Chemko, CEO of Elastic Path Software. "One Page is representative of ecommerce sites that are customer-centric, ultimately driving profits through customer acquisition and retention. This release extends our leadership in ecommerce innovation and we are excited to be the first major ecommerce platform to offer an AJAX checkout alongside an expansive set of features and components."

About Elastic Path
Elastic Path Software pioneered flexible ecommerce software that enables online retailers to attract and convert customers profitably. Elastic Path`s fully-integrated, ecommerce framework is designed specifically for mid-sized retailers operating within a multi-channel environment. Using innovative search engine optimization (SEO) technology and simplified open source components, Elastic Path`s technology empowers its customers to maximize resources and quickly adapt tactics at a comfortable price. Companies such as Makeup.com, Cotswold Collections, Aeroplan, Random House, Electricshopping.com and Xerox use Elastic Path for maximum control over their rapidly evolving online stores. Elastic Path Software is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For more information please call 1-800-942-5282 or visit www.elasticpath.com.



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