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Sam Changizi Promoted to CIO, Continues to Streamline Business Processes to Maximize Operational Efficiency

Los Angeles, CA-September 26, 2006-New Age Electronics, Inc. (New Age), a leader in sales, logistics, remanufacturing and supply chain solutions for the consumer technology industry, today announced the appointment of Sam Changizi as Chief Information Officer. Previously Director of Information Technology for New Age, Changizi will continue to be responsible for the overall management of the IT Department in this new role, as well as the continued implementation of all ERP initiatives.

“Under Sam’s leadership we’ve put ERP solutions in place that have given us a solid ‘end-to-end’ offering, which allows us to create a suite of high value-added, customer specific services,” said Adam Carroll, president of New Age. “These enable our customers’ successes, and allow us to continue to evolve to support the changing needs of the industry. Sam’s expertise has been instrumental in furthering our position as one of the leading supply chain solutions companies in the business.”

Sam Changizi, Director of Information Technology - Changizi joined New Age in early 2005 to further drive the company’s success in supply chain logistics by developing and executing an e-commerce strategy that satisfies growing demand for online supply chain services. In his role as Director of Information Technology, he led New Age’s IT team in the design and delivery of new e-commerce capabilities, IT infrastructure and common systems. In his new role, he will continue to oversee the entire IT team, as well as build on efficiencies of the new ERP system to support the company’s growth in supply-chain management. Changizi’s extensive background in business information systems and IT strategy gives New Age the expertise needed to remain operationally nimble and vigorous. Previously, Changizi served as vice president of @Comm and Director of IT at IFE.

About New Age Electronics, Inc.

New Age Electronics is a sales and supply chain solutions innovator that provides consumer technology (CT) manufacturers with a broad offering of logistics, distribution and remanufacturing services. Extensive experience in the CT industry and a customer-centric approach has made New Age the provider of choice for manufacturers such as HP, Panasonic and Sharp, and national and regional retailers such as Big Lots, Aaron’s Rents and Nebraska Furniture Mart. New Age distinguishes itself with extremely efficient operations and relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Founded in 1988, New Age is headquartered in Carson, Calif. For more information on New Age, call (310) 549-0000, toll-free (888) 234-0300 or visit the company’s Web site at http://www.newageinc.com.


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