US Marine Corps Exchange augments Retail Management System

Paul Demery

14 Commands and 180 locations to upgrade to latest version of Jesta I.S.’s Vision Merchandising solution

New York, NY –September 21, 2006 - Jesta I.S. Inc., Jesta I.S., a leading supplier of business solutions for the soft goods and specialty markets, is pleased to announce that the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) is upgrading to the latest version of Jesta’s Vision Merchandising solution at 14 Commands in 180 locations throughout the United States.

The U.S. Marines Corps sought to upgrade their merchandising solution to one that offered not only full EDI capability but also a platform that would facilitate further enhancements to its existing systems. Vision Merchandising’s full EDI capability makes it easy to interface and integrate with USMC’s existing infrastructure. Other key components such as Style Cost Management, handling of Vendor Rebates and Purchase Order Management make the latest version of Vision Merchandising the solution of choice.

The latest version of Vision Merchandising is an enhanced, web-enabled system, built on Oracle Application Server 10g, which allows scalability, hardware cost reduction, and increased operational efficiency.

“Jesta I.S. is proud to provide the USMC with the latest web-enabled version of Vision Merchandising,” stated Leslie Belcher. “Our vision has always been to provide businesses with solutions that can maximize current value while managing a path to growth. Clearly we provide solutions that meet the challenge of scaling for expansion.

About US Marines
The Marine Corps Exchange system has been proudly serving the needs of U.S. Marines and their families since 1897. Operated under Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), the Marine Corps Exchange provides the best quality and true value for its customers at 220 retail locations across 17 base commands. The Marine Corps Exchange remains one of the most important quality of life benefits provided to Marines and their families. More information may be found at www.usmc-mccs.org.

About Jesta I.S.

Jesta I.S. is a leading supplier of business solutions leveraging more than 35 years of expertise in supply chain management systems for manufacturers, distributors and retailers primarily in the soft goods and specialty industries worldwide. Jesta I.S. is recognized for its expertise, innovative products and services and its commitment to evolving business solutions in today’s rapidly changing business world. Jesta I.S.’ solutions process essential business management information for well known industry leaders including Perry Ellis International (NASDAQ: PERY), Genesco Inc. (NYSE: GCO), Town Shoes Limited, TOO Inc. (NYSE: TOO), Cole Haan, Haggar Clothing Co., Cavender’s Boot City and Maidenform (NYSE: MFB) as well as many others. Additional information is available at www.jestais.com


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