Americaneagle.com Unveils Fully Redesigned Web Site

Paul Demery

PARK RIDGE, Ill., Sept. 12 -- Americaneagle.com, a leading Web site design, development, and hosting company based in Park Ridge, IL, announced today the unveiling of their redesigned Web site, http://www.americaneagle.com/ .

After communicating with customers, surveying numerous Web users, and experimenting with several designs, Americaneagle.com moves forward with a Web site that has been rebuilt from the ground up, in an effort to remain consistent with today`s Internet technology. Since most computer monitors are set at a 1024x768 resolution or higher, Americaneagle.com optimized their Web site according to this standard while remaining user friendly to people operating on smaller resolutions. Additionally, the 1024 design has opened up more real estate for marketing opportunities, multimedia, and advanced technologies such as the continual rotating testimonials. Furthermore, the site was developed utilizing Microsoft .NET technology and includes a robust content management system.

In addition to enhanced technology, a simple navigation system was crucial for the content-rich Web site. Tony Svanascini, CEO of Americaneagle.com explains, "Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for without having to dig through numerous pages. Therefore, our team developed an easy- to-use system that keeps visitors from feeling lost. The resulting Web site is like no other within the Web development industry: one that intertwines a fresh, modern graphical design with intuitive navigation."

As Americaneagle.com launched their new Web site, they also announced that more additions to the site can be expected. In order to provide visitors with the best possible Web experience, Americaneagle.com will soon incorporate a flash-built application depicting the Americaneagle.com process, a virtual press room, client login, and more. "We are very excited about expanding our Web site and hope that it will offer our current customers and potential business clientele a more rewarding online experience with our company," Tony Svanascini stated.

Please visit http://www.americaneagle.com/ to explore the new Web site.

About Americaneagle.com, Inc.
Americaneagle.com, Inc., founded in 1978, is a leading Web design, development, and hosting company based in Park Ridge, Illinois. Currently, Americaneagle.com employs approximately 100 professionals in offices throughout the country including Chicago, Cleveland, Washington D.C., New York, and Los Angeles. Some of their 3,000 clients include Fannie May Candies, New York Giants, Stuart Weitzman Shoes, NASCAR, Chiasso, Chicago Bears, Abbott Laboratories, and the U.S. Army. For additional information about Americaneagle.com, visit http://www.americaneagle.com/ .

Mike Svanascini of Americaneagle.com, Inc.


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