Golfballs.com uses analytics to raise e-mail open and click-through rates

Golfballs.com is using proprietary analytics software and databases to develop targeted e-mail messages that generate higher click-through and open rates than regular, broadcast e-mail promotions.

Paul Demery

Golfballs.com is using proprietary analytics software and databases to increase click-through and open rates of its e-mail promotions. The retailer is developing a system that collects information on a customer’s order history, buy cycle, and products ordered.

“We’re trying to move to more of an automated system, where the e-mails that go out will be based upon dynamic elements-what they bought, when they bought it, items in the same category,” says Steven Broussard, director of marketing. “If you order from me once a month, I’m not going to bombard you with e-mail two or three times a week. I’m only going to touch you once a month.”

Golfballs.com, No. 459 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide to Retail Web Sites, already has tested micro-targeting, sending e-mails based on the brands a customer buys, Broussard says. “If you purchased a Titleist product, you’d get a Titleist-centric e-mail with no other vendors in it but Titleist,” he says. “That has done very well for us.”

Although the average ticket on orders generated by the micro-targeted e-mails is about the same as general e-mails-$60 to $80-opens and click throughs are higher, Broussard says. The micro-targeted e-mails have produced open rates of up to 17%, compared with a 15.5% open rate for regular e-mails, he says.

Opt-outs per mailing also were lower for micro-targeted mailings-an average of 85, versus 150 to 200 for general mailings, he says.


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