PPR`s Redcats Selects Endeca to Deliver Superior Shopping Experience on Shopoon.FR

Kurt Peters

LONDON AND CAMBRIDGE, Mass., 13 June, 2006 -- Endeca, a next-generation search and information access company, today announced that Redcats, a PPR Company, has selected and deployed Endeca for Online Retail, built on the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP), for the new online French shopping guide, Shopoon.fr. PPR is a global leader in Home Shopping for apparel and home furnishing. The solution, which was launched on the 4th of May, gives shoppers first-of-their-kind capabilities to find and compare over 300,000 products from over 800 brands across a wide variety of criteria.

Endeca`s patented Guided Navigation® experience, which integrates searching, browsing and dynamic merchandising into a single, compelling user experience, has been rapidly adopted by North American and, more recently, European multi-channel retailers. Beyond simple keyword search, it exposes a wide variety of product information to users, giving them step-by-step cues that they can select to better describe what they are looking for. And in the process, it creates virtual aisles and store shelves customised to each unique shopping session, showing users not only the products that match their search or navigation terms, but all of the related attributes of those products for quick analysis and comparison (price range, size, brand, colour, etc.). Today, more than 150 leading, global retailers use Endeca, including Walmart.com, Office Depot, Dabs.com, Boots, Tesco, Littlewoods, Otto, Wehkamp.

"Two of the biggest challenges in online retail are accurately anticipating all of the different ways shoppers will seek and ask for products, and determining all of the information that influences buying decisions," said Fabrice Berger Duquene, Shopoon.fr Director. "Endeca takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing the flexible platform to create a dynamic storefront where the information adapts to each and every session. We can literally tap related product information to create thousands of different paths to the same product on the fly, while continually showing each shopper all the different ways they can slice, dice and compare desirable products."

For more about Endeca for Online Retail, the Endeca Information Access Platform and the Guided Navigation experience, please see: http://endeca.com/byIndustry/retail/online_retail.html

"Through Shopoon.fr, Redcats is able to offer customers a truly interactive discovery experience, quickly guiding shoppers to the most desired products without having predict exactly how different shoppers may seek similar products," said Francine Abgrall, European marketing director for Endeca. "This kind of experience, whether offered on public websites or though inside-the-firewall applications, is made possible through Endeca`s unique architecture that combines the ease of searching with Guided Navigation and dynamic merchandising capabilities."

About Shopoon.fr
Shopoon.fr is Redcats` specialized shopping guide for apparel and home furnishing. The site presents product from over 800 brands. Shopoon.fr is division of Redcats, global leader in Home Shopping for apparel and home furnishing. Drawing on a multichannel network combining catalogues, e-commerce and stores, Redcats generated 4.4 billion euros of sales in 2005 with 17 brands in 26 countries and a staff of 20 000 associates. International sales account for 52% of the total. Redcats is a PPR Company. For any further information: http://www.redcats.com. Shopoon.fr: http://www.shopoon.fr

About Endeca
Endeca is a next-generation search and information access company. Combining patented intellectual property, breakthrough science and a deep focus on user experience, the Endeca Information Access Platform helps people find, analyze and understand information in ways never before possible. Leading global organizations like ABN AMRO, Bank of America, Boeing, Costco, Cox Newspapers, The (US) Defense Intelligence Agency, The Home Depot, Hyatt, IBM, John Deere, Lehman Brothers, The Library of Congress, Texas Instruments, and Walmart.com rely on Endeca to power business-critical applications that increase revenue, reduce costs and streamline operations.

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Endeca is a private company with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information: www.endeca.com or info@endeca.com.


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