Demandware Taps Webmetrics to Provide Performance Visibility to Retail Customers

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Leading SaaS Provider Delivers Third-Party Proof of Quality to Service Users

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SAN DIEGO--June 6, 2006--Webmetrics, a leading provider of website testing, monitoring and analytics services, today announced that the Company`s web performance monitoring services have been selected by Demandware to provide its retail customers with third-party proof of quality of service, performance and uptime of the company`s leading ecommerce platform. Demandware delivers a leading ecommerce platform that combines full merchandising control and flexible functionality with the optimal profitability that only a Software as a Service (SaaS)-based pricing model can provide. Demandware will utilize Webmetrics` monitoring services to deliver storefront responsiveness to all customers as part of their overall service. Demandware`s customizable, on-demand service is used by leading retail ecommerce sites including Vermont Teddy Bear, Gardener`s Supply, and Dutch Gardens.

"We`ve implemented Webmetrics services to extend performance visibility of our SaaS-based ecommerce platform as part of our continued commitment to superior global performance and uptime," said Stephan Schambach, CEO of Demandware. "With the ability to share alerting capabilities and independent storefront performance data, Webmetrics provides operational transparency to the retailers that have entrusted us with their ecommerce channel."

Demandware`s ecommerce solution enables merchants to meet their ecommerce revenue and profitability goals with a unique combination of merchandising control; the flexibility to adapt ecommerce functionality to meet changing business needs; and the optimal profitability that only a usage-based, Software as a Service-enabled pricing model can provide. Demandware is poised to capitalize on the exploding online retail market, which reached an estimated $172 billion in 2005 according to Forrester Research estimates.

"While the method of delivering applications has changed to a service-based model, the end-users expectations for quality, dependability, and uptime remain the same," said Peter Kirwan, Chief Strategy Officer, Webmetrics. "Demandware joins an elite group of SaaS Providers committed to delivering third-party proof of quality of service. SaaS is an emerging model for companies that require a high level of service without the cost of hardware and software. Demandware is on the forefront of this promising trend and we are pleased that they have selected Webmetrics to provide performance validation."

About Demandware, Inc.
Demandware provides an enterprise-class ecommerce platform, delivered as a service, which offers online retailers the merchandising control, flexibility, functionality and interoperability of a full ecommerce application suite with a pricing model aligned with results. With Demandware, merchants can deliver custom ecommerce solutions without buying software or operating expensive datacenters. Demandware was founded by a team with proven expertise from leading ecommerce software and infrastructure companies including ATG, Macromedia, Intershop and NaviSite. The company has strong backing from North Bridge Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners. For more information about Demandware, visit www.demandware.com.

About Webmetrics
Webmetrics is a leading provider of website testing, monitoring and analytics services for companies that want to ensure online performance, competitive advantage and a positive end-user experience. Using Webmetrics` services, SMBs, enterprise customers and partner providers can test, monitor and measure the performance of web sites, transactions and supporting systems to ensure 24/7 uptime and performance integrity. The Company`s customers include America West Airlines, Barnes & Noble, Bluefly.com, DHL, GMAC, Homestore.com, Shopzilla.com, Symantec, The Knot and Yahoo.

Founded in 1999, Webmetrics is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, call 877-524-8299 or visit us at www.webmetrics.com.

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