Harte-Hanks Taps Glen Hartman as Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

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-Company also announces Jeannette Kocsis promotion to vice president, digital marketing-

LANGHORNE, Pa., June 5 -- Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE:HHS) , today announced that Glen Hartman has joined the company, serving as a senior vice president for digital marketing for data-based marketing solutions. In this role, Hartman is responsible for defining and leading a range of digital and multichannel marketing strategies on behalf of Harte-Hanks clients. He also is charged with digital innovation for the company`s team of experts in search engine marketing, online advertising, Web design, and multichannel marketing integration.

"Digital is an integral part of nearly every prospect and customer engagement of our clients," said Frank Harvey, vice president and corporate officer of Harte-Hanks. "Glen`s standout skill lies in developing effective digital and multichannel strategies to penetrate global markets and to build lasting brands. He is a seasoned leader and business strategist, and understands how to integrate marketing across channels and to optimize each interaction with a customer, for higher customer conversions and greater lifetime value."

Prior to joining Harte-Hanks, Hartman was managing director of Horn Group, a communications and marketing agency servicing technology companies, where he helped launch the company`s digital marketing practice. Previously, Hartman was president & chief operating officer of KSciences, a technology systems integration firm specializing in digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence and database solutions. Under his leadership, Ernst & Young named KSciences as a finalist for its Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2002.

Hartman`s past positions also included marketing executive positions at Identify Software, (recently acquired by BMC) and Giga Information Group (now part of Forrester Research) where he was instrumental in Giga`s initial public offering.

Hartman has spoken at numerous conferences on topics such as digital strategy, multichannel marketing, brand leadership and CRM. He also has been quoted in and has contributed to various news and feature stories in leading business journals, newspapers and trade publications. Hartman received a bachelor`s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and holds a graduate degree in music and film composition from Grove School of Music.

Harte-Hanks Also Names Jeannette Kocsis to Vice President, Digital Marketing

Harte-Hanks also announced that it has promoted Jeannette Kocsis to the position of vice president, digital marketing, data-based marketing solutions. Previously, Kocsis was director of online marketing for the direct agency of Harte-Hanks, a position she held for two years, and in which she oversaw planning and delivery of results-oriented digital marketing programs for dozens of Harte-Hanks clients. She initiated her career at Harte-Hanks in 2000 focusing on search engine optimization.

In her new position, Kocsis will provide strategic and tactical guidance to clients of Harte-Hanks engaged in many of the digital marketing initiatives undertaken by Harte-Hanks. She will also provide day-to-day management of the Harte-Hanks digital and integrated marketing teams, and contribute insight and support for the company`s Web presence and digital marketing strategy.

Harte-Hanks offers in its direct marketing business a full range of interactive marketing offerings to engage prospects and customers, among them Harte-Hanks Postfuture(R), a leading e-mail marketing service provider; the Technology E-mail Database, a component of the Harte-Hanks CI Technology Database; Web site and interactive advertising design, hosting and search marketing applications; digital printing; electronic fulfillment; multichannel database design and data management in its Allink(R) and Advanced Data Quality solutions; insight-producing Web analytics; and strategic planning to support these interactions. These solutions are offered in an integrated direct marketing framework, or as distinct offerings.

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