First Industry-wide Consumer Products Sales Rep Referral & Matching e-Commerce Portal Launched

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ThePhiz.com to Help Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Inventors Find Qualified Sales Professionals to Represent Their Lines

New York City, NY, May 24, 2006: The first Internet portal exclusively designed to match manufacturers` representatives and suppliers in more than 20 different retail industry channels has launched today. Unlike many industry association or private sites that cover specific retail channels, The PHIZ Team Builder, located at (www.thephiz.com) -- covers practically every channel for retail goods. This new, customized site is designed to facilitate successful professional networking between pre-qualified manufacturers` reps and manufacturers, importers, distributors or inventors that need to build or augment their own independent sales teams.

ThePhiz.com site has launched to tremendous initial demand and interest, with more than 3,000 experienced, pre-qualified reps with access to the latest listings of new lines that are available. ThePhiz.com`s TeamBuilder links reps with ready-to-hire companies eager to sell their products at retail.

Companies looking for reps can list themselves in one of more than 20 consumer-product categories, including:

Beauty Supply
Computer/Software & Peripherals
Consumer Electronics
Food & Drug
Healthcare/Hospital & Doctor
Home Improvement
Pet Supply
Sporting Goods

Manufacturers, distributors, importers and inventors can list their companies in more than one category. For instance, some products, such as jewelry, could easily qualify into as many as four separate categories, depending on design and target channel. Listing companies can list in two categories for as low as $149. Unlike traditional online advertising, listed companies will benefit by Reps receiving instant notifications of their newly available lines. Reps also routinely visit ThePhiz.com site daily to view updates, monitor opportunities and seek out ones most closely aligned with their interests and market connections.

Reps online have many years and decades of experience calling on top retail stores such as Target and Home Depot; television shopping channels, such as QVC and Home Shopping Network; online retailers such as Amazon.com -- and direct mail catalogs such as Lands` End and Sharper Image. Reps receive instant notifications of newly available lines In addition, they can routinely visit ThePhiz.com site daily to view updates, monitor opportunities and seek out ones most closely aligned with their interests and market connections.

With this innovative new portal Website in full operation, companies who could not hire their own full-time sales forces were faced with the challenge of finding sales reps who would call on retailers with their lines. Until the advent of ThePhiz.com, it was often difficult for manufacturers to find highly-qualified, self-motivated reps -- or for professional manufacturers` reps to find high-value companies and product lines to represent. Miles of shoe leather -- worn out while walking trade show floors -- as well as traveling long distances to association meetings, spending a substantial budget advertising, or relying on unqualified word of mouth referrals -- these trials were the norm for most consumer product manufacturers searching for the best reps for their particular product lines.

ThePhiz.com`s database of member rep firms is among the most current in the industry. Created by PHIZ, a market-leading consumer products sales and marketing organization that has been matching reps with manufacturers, distributors, importers and inventors for more than two decades as part of its full-service consultative sales and marketing programs.

About The PHIZ Team Builder -- thephiz.com.
The PHIZ Team Builder is a division of PHIZ, LLC. ThePhiz.com is the most focused and convenient way for consumer products companies to reach professional manufacturers representatives and independent sales professionals. For more information, visit www.thephiz.com.


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