It’s a full plate for KitchenSource.com in the second half

The pure-play has a lot cooking for the rest of the year, including a major site redesign, new technology and more products.

Mark Brohan

Executives at KitchenSource.com are hungry for more web sales, and they’ve created a menu for the second half of 2006 they hope will satiate their appetites.

First up is a major e-commerce site redesign. The work in progress, set to launch later this year, includes higher quality imaging, a fresh layout and more strategic site navigation to help shoppers more quickly access all necessary information to complete orders, says Kevin Gleeson, director of marketing. “The redesign will maximize the efficiency of our web site, making it even easier for customers to find the products they seek.”

Another project in the works is refocusing advertising campaigns to optimize their efficacy. “We’re using tracking and conversion metrics to better allocate our advertising budget to campaigns that yield a higher return on investment, then adjust those as necessary,” Gleeson explains. “We also are scouting out new advertising venues, including examining second- and third-tier search engines and testing the effectiveness of shopping engines.”

The pure-play, No. 388 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide to Retail Web Sites, also is working on some other efforts, including adding as yet to be identified software for analyzing A/B testing and day-part breakdowns as well as expanding product categories and product selection for existing product categories.

KitchenSource.com hit $9.7 million in sales in 2005, up 42.7% from 2004’s $6.8 million. Its online catalog includes more than 55,000 products. The company is aiming for a 50% increase in revenue for 2006.


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