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Leading 24/7 Monitoring Service for Measuring Quality and Reliability of Streams from End User Perspective
• Streaming Perspective solution now enables measurement/monitoring of the full lifecycle of streaming including traditional streaming, Internet TV and mobile streaming
• New features include: streaming media load testing capability; mobile streaming quality and monitoring capability
• Streaming Perspective provides service availability alerts when streaming live content; For on-demand content the service tells you when you need to add server capacity or add a caching system
• Expanded global network of measurement computers now connect to audio and video streams from 22 locations

NEW YORK, NY, Streaming Media East, - May 23, 2006 - Keynote Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN), the worldwide leader in subscription–based services that improve the performance of online business and communications technologies, today announced a new version of Streaming Perspective®, the market-leading service for measuring the quality and reliability of audio and video streams from multiple geographic locations around the world.

The new version of Streaming Perspective now provides the capability to test and monitor streaming to mobile devices and to load test streams. These are powerful and important new capabilities given the tremendous growth and popularity in the market of streaming audio and video.

As streaming grows in popularity, providers are under increasing pressure to provide high quality streaming content under extreme load. The only way to know for sure how streams will perform at peak load levels is by performing streaming load and capacity tests. With the addition of streaming load testing enterprise and media companies can implement a holistic approach to testing streaming applications throughout the lifecycle of development and deployment.

Mobile Streaming Support
Increasing numbers of people are accessing streams over mobile devices. Companies that provide mobile streaming content must monitor the quality and availability of streams within this wireless environment. With the capability to monitor mobile streaming, Keynote now has the ability to fully test and monitor wireline and wireless streaming applications on behalf of its customers.

Enhanced Global Testing Network for Streaming
With this enhancement, Keynote has built out its global infrastructure for monitoring streams. Streams can now be tested and monitored from more geographical locations than ever before across Europe and Asia Pacific. Keynote`s enhanced streaming measurement infrastructure provides international companies with a single platform for testing and monitoring streaming applications.

“The streaming market is fundamentally evolving to provide high quality, rich media experience to consumers in diverse geographies and on multiple devices,” said Jeff Geiser, global director, streaming media and VoIP services at Keynote. “We are excited to significantly expand our ability to meet the needs of media companies to help ensure that they have adequate capacity and continue to deliver differentiating quality to their target markets.”

Availability and Pricing
The new version of Streaming Perspective is available now. The monthly price per stream starts at $825.00 for 300k and lower bandwidth. The streaming load testing capability is also available and starts at $1,250.00 per Gbps per hour.

More About Streaming Perspective
Keynote measures audio and video streams globally using measurement computers. The measurement computers attempt to connect to streams 10 times per hour. Once connected, the measurement computers will play the content for 60 seconds while recording the following data: network statistics (e.g. DNS time, traceroutes, packet statistics); streaming statistics (e.g. connection success rate, bit rate, connect/buffer/rebuffer time); server statistics (e.g. server type, serving platform, streaming protocol); presentation statistics (e.g. frame rate, player errors, metafiles & URLs). Increased checking and longer check durations are also available upon request.

At the heart of Keynote`s Streaming Perspective service is a network of measurement computers distributed globally. These measurement computers are connected to the public Internet and run proprietary software that mimics the behavior of a streaming client such as RealPlayer, Apple Quicktime, Flash Video or Windows Media Player. Custom solutions are available for companies where data needs to remain within their own domain. Streaming load testing and mobile streaming quality monitoring are the services latest capabilities.

About Keynote
Founded in 1995, Keynote Systems (Nasdaq "KEYN") is the worldwide leader in services that improve online business performance and communications technologies. Keynote helps approximately 2,300 corporate customers and 11,000 individual subscribers become "the best of the best" online. The business premise supporting Keynote`s mission is: "Online businesses can`t manage what they don`t measure." As an independent and trusted third-party, Keynote provides IT and marketing executives with unbiased benchmarking data, competitive analysis and operational metrics from the customer perspective. This data measures service levels and customer experience of Web sites, broadband services and mobile communications.

Known as The Internet Performance Authority®, Keynote manages a market-leading infrastructure of 1,600+ measurement computers and mobile devices in over 114 locations and 66+ metropolitan areas worldwide that assess service levels and a panel of over 160,000 consumers who participate in interactive Web site tests that assess user experience. These online user experience tests capture customer attitude and behavior to answer the critical "why" behind the "what." Keynote`s geographically distributed measurement services, on-site monitoring appliances, competitive intelligence and custom studies ensure that its customers outpace their competitors in online service levels and overall user experience.

Keynote Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and can be reached at www.keynote.com or by phone in the U.S. at 650-403-2400.

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