KSS releases store-level competitive pricing solution for fuel retailers

Kurt Peters

PriceNet Web helps retailers respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

Florham Park, N.J.–May 22, 2006––KSS, the global leader in fuel pricing automation and optimization solutions announced today the release of KSS PriceNet Web, a Web-based module for collecting store-level data, including fast-changing, competitive fuel prices and events.

As an integrated module of the KSS PriceNet solution, KSS PriceNet Web improves response times to market conditions by expediting the pricing process of both store and headquarter personnel. In essence, KSS PriceNet Web makes sure that fuel pricing data such as competitor pricing and special events, are quickly reported, received and then acted on.

"KSS PriceNet Web provides the ability to accurately capture, communicate and react to site-specific market conditions, almost immediately," said Bob Stein, chief executive officer of KSS` fuels division. "Whether it`s a competitor`s price changes or road construction, KSS PriceNet Web provides the means for store-level employees to communicate with––and receive from––their corporate office the key variables that critically influence fuel pricing."

At a corporate level, KSS PriceNet takes data fed from KSS PriceNet Web, and generates new pricing, which in turn is communicated back to the store and verified through KSS PriceNet Web. This entire pricing process from start to finish is typically done within minutes, and replaces processes that used to take hours or days. Customers using KSS PriceNet Web to date are reporting that it adds power and simplicity while delivering an almost instant view into each stores` current market conditions.

KSS is showcasing KSS PriceNet Web during NACSTech, a technology trade show targeting convenience stores, May 22-24, 2006, in Nashville Tenn.

KSS provides pricing automation and optimization solutions for the petroleum, grocery, convenience and drug retail industries, as well as to petroleum wholesalers. Using advanced predictive modeling techniques, KSS helps its customer accurately forecast and predict the effect of different pricing scenarios, and automate manual pricing processes. KSS solutions are currently in use by some of the world`s largest petroleum largest petroleum, grocery, convenience and drug retail companies.

For more information, visit www.kssg.com or call 973-549-1850.

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