Where are all these people coming from?

Calendars.com is bringing in more technology to determine where new customers are coming from and make online changes quickly.

Bill Briggs

Every day e-retailers face the continuous struggle to learn more about their customers and what they want as well as make constructive web site enhancements-and do so quickly to attempt to stay ahead of the game.

To try and meet these challenges head on, Calendars.com LLC has deployed new technology and services. It’s using web analytics and marketing tools from Coremetrics to better understand the source of individual orders, track growth in each of its sales channels and boost conversion. It also is using the company’s products and services to optimize site search.

Additionally, to quickly respond to findings and finesse its site, Calendars.com has implemented the Catapult Content Management System from Coe-Truman Technologies. Calendars.com, No. 294 in the Internet Retailer Top 400 Guide to Retail Web Sites, says it is using this system to enable individuals with few technical skills to routinely update merchandising on the site to help improve cross-selling. The company also is using Coe-Truman to add more processing capacity.

“We need the best possible insight into the source of our new business, and we also need technical vendors that can help us respond quickly to sudden changes,” says Hillel Levin, general manager. “Coe-Truman helped us quickly integrate Coremetrics into our processes and then update our web site in response to Coremetrics analyses.”

Last year pure-play Calendars.com reached $13.4 million in sales, a 34% increase over 2004 sales of $10 million. Levin says the company is aiming for $16 million in sales this year.


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