Multichannel Retailer Chiasso Chooses SLI Systems to Furnish E-commerce Site’s Online Search Capabilities

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Learning Search™ and Site Champion™ Proven to Attract More Visitors, Deliver More Relevant Results and Increase Sales

CUPERTINO, CA – March 13, 2006 – With more and more people flocking to the Internet to furnish their homes, SLI Systems, Inc., a provider of on-demand search services for Internet and e-commerce sites, today announced that Chiasso has deployed the company’s Learning Search™ and Site Champion™ hosted site search and search engine optimization (SEO) offerings. A provider of contemporary home furnishings through an e-commerce site (www.chiasso.com), mail order catalog, and a new retail store opening this Spring in Chicago, Chiasso is a multi-channel retailer with a mission: to steer more people to its site and away from its competition.

Chiasso, which is based in Chicago, currently sees about 55% of total sales from its online operations, up from about 32% a little over a year ago. The company attributes part of that increase to its work with SLI Systems and using SLI’s hosted search offerings.

“We found SLI Systems through the impressive work they did with another online retailer, so we decided to give them a try through their 30-day free trial offer,” said Greg Kadens, COO of Chiasso. “Our expectations were exceeded and we immediately signed up to work with them on an ongoing basis. The people there are extremely responsive and flexible, and they delivered us a system that meets all of our needs. Overall, we’re very happy with their solution.”

Chiasso launched a new e-commerce site last October in order to bolster its online presence. The new site offered improved navigation and a clean, sleek look and feel. However, the search function did not prove helpful to site visitors, many of whom offered negative feedback or left the site entirely. As a result, Chiasso decided to find a better site search solution and came to SLI Systems. They discovered that the company offered an automated SEO solution as well, and decided to give both products a try.

“The results have been very positive,” said Kadens. “The negative feedback we were getting previously has completely stopped and our sales are up each month, so we know we’re keeping more visitors from going to our competitors’ sites. We attribute a lot of this to the success of SLI’s solutions, which are totally hands-off and have been a great investment for us.”

About Learning Search and Site Champion
Learning Search and Site Champion are built on SLI Systems’ patent-pending advanced search behavior analytics engine. Learning Search is a hosted site search solution that continually tracks visitors’ aggregate search terms and the corresponding items clicked on, and uses that data to deliver results based on popularity. For example, if someone searches on “floor lamp,” Learning Search automatically ranks the items so that those with historically higher click-rates are listed at the top. Learning Search also shows how many assets exist and in what categories, and gives visitors the option to sort the results by ascending or descending prices, or by category.

Site Champion is an automated search engine optimization service that integrates with Learning Search, tracking visitors’ search terms and using them to automatically create related search links for each page of a retailer’s site. When visitors click on these ‘related search’ links they are presented with site search results for that term, directing them to additional relevant content and commerce opportunities – making it easier for a site’s visitors to find what they want, and helping retailers generate more sales. The links also drive more natural search traffic to the retailer’s site by giving the retailer’s results pages links that are crawled by search engine spiders.

“Multi-channel merchants like Chiasso are relying more and more on the Internet to market themselves and generate sales – and as such, they’re realizing the benefits of search in increasing their visibility among customers,” said Dr. Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. “We developed our solutions to be an easy, cost-effective way for marketers to implement search engine strategies that garner more traffic and more sales in highly competitive markets.”

Other companies using SLI Systems’ hosted offerings include NBC, Tupperware, Fright Catalog and NRS (Northwest River Supplies), among others.

About Chiasso
Launched in 1985, Chiasso offers inspired designs for the home. Chiasso presents an ever-evolving, clever collection of furniture, home accessories, textiles, bed, bath and kitchen items. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Chiasso produces a comprehensive, seasonal catalog and full-service web site.

About SLI Systems
SLI Systems is the developer of learning-based search technology for corporate Internet sites, e-commerce destinations and consumer Internet portals that Searches, Learns and Improves the user experience. SLI Systems’ hosted site search, and automated SEO and SEM solutions empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction while increasing sales, reducing costs and yielding valuable customer information. Unlike traditional search software, SLI Systems’ patented technology continuously “learns” from the behavior of visitors over time to deliver more relevant results. Current customers include Etronics.com, NBC, Tupperware, VERITAS and others. SLI Systems is a privately held company, with offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information, visit www.sli-systems.com.


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