Optimost Launches New Reporting Enhancements

Kurt Peters

Actionable Statistical Significance Measurements Further Simplify Multivariable Testing

Shop.org FirstLook Conference, Atlanta, GA (January 23, 2005) – Satisfying the needs of both left-brained and right-brained e-marketers, Optimost today introduced a series of upgrades to its multivariable Web page testing application.

Designed to succinctly convey the results of the firm’s multivariable tests, in which several million possible permutations of a Web page are created and tested to maximize conversion rates, the new reporting enhancements deliver powerful analytics in an easy-to-read format.

With the new enhancements, customers now not only see their performance data in real-time, but also are able to see easy-to-understand charts to determine the statistical significance of the data. Customers can add columns to any report which automatically calculate statistical significance for any measure at both the Web page level and the individual variable level. Additionally, customers can view easy-to-read charts which show how the myriad of individual Web pages tested performed against the control, and how key KPIs correlate with each other.

“Given the diversity of customers’ needs, it’s critical that a reporting system charts the key measures that are important to each client individually. Furthermore, customers need more than just numbers, they need tools to interpret the significance of the data,” explained Optimost CEO Mark Wachen. “With the new features in our reporting tool, customers can create unlimited custom reports that speak their language, and also evaluate in real-time if their results are statistically significant.”

Another group of innovations allow customers to view in real-time the confidence intervals associated with individual pages or variables. “We’re always concerned about whether sample sizes are large enough for datasets to be reliable, and the margins of error associated with specific measures,” said Paul Goodman, Senior Vice President eCommerce, Dale & Thomas Popcorn. “With Optimost’s reporting tools we can easily discern in real-time not just the key measures but also how confident we can be in the results.”

The new enhancements build upon Optimost’s already industry-leading real-time reporting tool. Optimost allows companies to create customized reports to show over 60 different analytic measurements, from unique action rate to revenue-per-visitor to average order size per order. Companies can even go one step further and create their own composite measures and clickthru groups that are of specific interest to them. Optimost also allows reports to be customized by day of week, hour-of-day, and over 20 other sub-categories. The display of reports is also fully customizable, allowing companies to change the order of columns, column names, and much more.

“Optimost’s customized real-time reporting solution has always been best-in-class,” said Peter Shapiro, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce, Lillian Vernon. “With the new enhancements, Optimost is without question in a league of its own.”

About Optimost:
New York-based Optimost is a technology and services company specializing in conversion-rate marketing. Pioneers in the field of multivariable testing, the firm is able to create and test virtually limitless permutations of copy, offers and layouts in the time it takes to conduct a standard A/B page comparison test. By combining real-life response data with information about which variables were displayed in the test, Optimost clients are able to determine how much each individual Web site element contributes to the overall response rate. Client Web pages can then be optimized further based on the combinations of most positive individual site elements. Optimost clients include: Interactive Corp., Lillian Vernon, eDiets, Overstock, Time Warner, Earthlink, RealNetworks, and Quicken Loans. For more information, please visit www.optimost.com.

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