TPI Software`s New SmartPayments Client Provides More Direct Payment Processor Certifications and Enriched Features that...

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Redmond, WA, December 6th, 2005 - TPI Software LLC, a leading provider of credit card, debit/ATM card, gift card, EBT, and electronic check processing software for retail and online merchants released a new version of their PC payment processing software TPI SmartPaymentsT Client Version 2 (formerly Service Manager). SmartPayments Client is a low cost PC payment processing software solution designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

TPI`s new SmartPayments client software enhancements include direct IP payment processor interface certifications to Concord EFS, Global Payments, Paymentech and NOVA Information Systems or it can connect to all the major US payment processors through its direct interface to TPI`s SmartPayments Server. Additional enhancements include support for customer facing devices like Ingenico`s eN-Touch 1000 PIN-Pad, signature capture, check image capture, local reports and the ability to work with most PC Point-of-Sale systems with no changes by supporting PCCharge* INP & XML (INX) file formats.

"Our patent pending TPI SmartPaymentsT Client brings support for the next generation customer facing PIN-Pads to retail merchants of all sizes. It is a low cost, simple yet versatile noninvasive payment solution that requires little or no work to implement. It uses the internet for communication, resulting in 2-3 second transaction times while reducing costs by eliminating the modem & phone line. It can be used independently as a non-integrated stand beside solution or it can be seamlessly integrated into most POS systems to provide a complete solution", states Bill Pittman, President of TPI Software, LLC.

A free software development kit (SDK) is available for software developers looking to integrate payments into their point-of-sale (POS) software/order entry applications. SmartPaymentsT Client plug-ins are available that provide seamless integration with Microsoft`s POS Retail Management System (RMS) and Intuit`s QuickBooks Accounting. For more information please visit TPI Software at www.TPISoft.com or call 425-882-0921.

About TPI Software, LLC

TPI Software, LLC is a privately-held corporation based in Redmond, WA, and is the leading provider of innovative payment technologies for processing credit card, debit/ATM card, gift card, EBT, electronic check services (verification, guarantee & conversion) and electronic signature/receipt & check image capture and retrieval services. TPI Software developed the first Payment Server technology built on Web services that is certified with all the major US payment processors for retail and online merchants. TPI Software`s technology is an alternative to the stand-alone single-function bank terminals many businesses currently use to process payments and it provides a full suite of payment Web services that can be integrated into electronic commerce, MOTO and retail point-of-sale systems. TPI Software has established long-standing relationships with banks and institutions that help process electronic payment transactions. TPI Software can be reached through the Internet at http://www.TPISoft.com/ or by calling (425) 882-0921.

TPI Software is a trademark of TPI Software, LLC. TPI SmartPayments is a trademark of TPI Software, LLC. Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. * PCCharge is a registered trademark of VeriFone, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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