VisiStat, Inc. Launches PageAlarm™

Kurt Peters

Users now have ability to monitor their website live via mobile device

San Jose, CA (November 30, 2005) – VisiStat, Inc., a Web analytics firm focused on next generation analytic solutions tailored for non-technical users, announces today the release of Page Alarm™, a live website monitoring tool that alerts you via cell phone, text message pager and/or email if your website is down. PageAlarm, an added feature to VisiStat’s suite of analytic solutions, monitors your Website 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, notifying you if your site becomes unavailable for any reason.

“Website monitoring and Web analytics go hand-in-hand for anyone who has mission critical data and must stay on top of their site functions, activities, usage, statistics,” said Stephen Oachs, VisiStat’s Director of Product Development. “PageAlarm fills the crucial need for accurate site data and constant activity monitoring.”

Fully integrated with VisiStat’s suite of other web analytic services, PageAlarm will notify you electronically if your website experiences any type of failure. VisiStat’s PageAlarm provides the opportunity to catch a potential problem or remedy a developing situation. By integrating the site alert function within the analytics reporting area, you can feel confident that your site`s needs are being monitored on all levels, around the clock.

PageAlarm is an accessory element to VisiStat and is available for $4.95 a month. For more information or to receive a 7-day free trial, please visit www.visistat.com.

About VisiStat, Inc.
VisiStat, Inc., is a San Jose, CA, based Web analytics firm focused on next generation analytic solutions tailored for non-technical users. VisiStat realized the need for GUI-rich Web analytics tools that could be easily understood "by the masses." By "taking the IT out of Analytics," VisiStat addressed this need while offering rich, dynamic real-time data reporting. Just as TiVo® reinvented how television is watched, VisiStat is revolutionizing the Web Analytics marketplace. Learn more online at http://www.visistat.com or contact Tina Bean, Sales & Marketing Director, at (408) 670-9172. See a comprehensive demonstration at http://demo.visistat.com.

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