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Search Campaigns for Breaking Content Can Now Be Deployed Automatically, Speeding Time-to-Market from Days to Hours

New York City -- September 19, 2005 -- Reprise Media today unveiled FeedCast, a new patent-pending product that automates the process of building and implementing search engine marketing programs for breaking content. FeedCast is the first product that addresses the greatest need of content providers by dramatically reducing a campaign`s time to market. What once required several days can now be done in a matter of hours.

Designed to meet the needs of any marketer who wants to quickly distribute content with high short-term value, FeedCast will transform the way publishers respond to breaking news. Previously, launching a search campaign was a time-consuming process due to the complexity of individual search platforms and the approval policies required by the engines. Now, marketers and advertisers can use Reprise Media`s FeedCast to customize campaigns to meet the specifications of any search or contextual ad program.

FeedCast uses three simple steps to help content providers promote their breaking content:

Through Intelligent Content Extraction, FeedCast analyzes content via XML or RSS feeds, extracting key terms and concepts in near real-time and determining the optimal mix for a successful search campaign.

Next, FeedCast converts these terms and concepts into a series of viable advertising assets, which are customized to work within the specifications of each search or contextual network in the campaign.

Finally, completed campaigns are launched in a condensed timeline due to a built-in editorial rule set and direct trafficking of campaigns to search and contextual programs through APIs.

"Search represents a tremendous marketing opportunity but one that can be highly challenging for content providers, such as publishers, whose most valuable product has a limited shelf-life," said Joshua Stylman, Managing Partner, Reprise Media. "If publishers can`t promote their breaking news for several days, it ceases to be `breaking` and its value drops significantly. FeedCast is the first product directly aimed at this market, and will change the way time-sensitive news is marketed within the search and contextual channels. With this new product, we can help companies market more effectively based on current events and today`s news."

Reprise Media created FeedCast to serve any organization that needs to communicate a vitally important message in a short amount of time, including major publishing brands, professional bloggers, classified advertising services or any company that promotes frequent company news. Prior to its official launch, FeedCast has been in beta with a series of top-tier publishing clients, where it is currently being used to generate and launch more than 20,000 breaking-news keywords on a daily basis.

"The content of our magazine, Web site and ad campaigns are driven by the buzz of the entertainment industry, and in the television industry, nothing creates more buzz than the Emmys. FeedCast allows us to promote our breaking Emmy content automatically and within hours," said Dave Bovenschulte, Vice President, General Manager of T.V. Guide. "As a result, our search campaigns are far more current than any of our competition. We can finally leverage the power of search to grow our readership and further our leadership position in the entertainment industry. No other technology on the market today provides us the same timeliness and level of automation of search engine marketing as Reprise Media`s FeedCast."


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