ATG Introduces Next-Generation Customer Service and Support Suite

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Unique Assisted- and Self-Service Applications Incorporate Powerful “ATG Wisdom™” Technologies, Deliver Unprecedented Relevance and Continuity, On-site or On-demand

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., September 20, 2005 – ATG (Art Technology Group, NASDAQ: ARTG), the software provider behind the most consistent and relevant marketing, commerce, and customer service experiences, today announced from DEMOfall 2005 the availability of its new Wisdom-enabled ATG Service Suite™. In a separate announcement today, the company unveiled ATG Wisdom™, its strategy for enabling enterprises to create a more relevant and consistent experience for their customers, across the Web, e-mail, call center, and mobile channels; and throughout the marketing, commerce, and service lifecycle.

“With Wisdom and the ATG Service Suite, ATG has hit upon a strategy that will enable companies to connect with customers at a personal level, leveraging both the knowledge and experience necessary to build strong relationships and enhance lifetime value,” said Kevin Hesler, Conseco Insurance. “By providing service and support representatives with immediate access to a customer’s prior and real-time activity, companies can retain customers and increase business opportunities. The ATG Wisdom strategy and ATG Service Suite are exciting opportunities for companies that rely upon ATG technology.”

ATG’s Wisdom-enabled Service Suite is a comprehensive set of applications that provides a full-featured, adaptively customized environment for managing all forms of customer service interactions with individual attention. The ATG Service Suite consists of seven integrated applications:

• ATG Knowledge – industry-leading knowledge management platform for call center-assisted customer service
• ATG Response Management – manages inbound e-mail, Web forms, mobile devices
• ATG Self-Service – natural language processing search engine that enables customers to find and act on the exact information they need, regardless of format, location or language
• ATG Forum – peer-to-peer support via community discussion management
• ATG Commerce Assist – complete e-commerce support for Customer Service Representatives
• ATG Advisor – guided problem resolution for agents or Web self-service
• ATG Outreach – Time- or transaction-based proactive service integrating both e-mail and the Web
“Superior client service is about delivering the right information, at the right time, in the most convenient manner,” said Phil Demuth, AVP administration, Knowledge Services, Information Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Fiserv, the leading provider of financial information management systems and services. “To do this, companies need specific information and insight into every client, and then be able to use that insight to provide solutions that build lasting customer loyalty. We certainly recognize the value of complete, contextualized customer information made accessible through an intuitive and efficient e-service product suite. The ATG Wisdom platform is a powerful business tool that helps ITI take client support to the next level.”

ATG’s Wisdom-enabled Service Suite is different from existing service solutions in five ways:

• Exclusive content-targeting technology delivers more relevant customer interactions. Individualized or truly segmented information revolutionizes Web self-service, informs assisted service interactions, and guides e-mail distribution.

• A fully integrated suite gives customers a continuous, seamless experience as they interact and escalate among Web self-service, the call center, and e-mail.

• A service suite that extends to marketing and e-commerce enables service interactions to be informed by purchase history and marketing campaigns to be informed by service interactions; and it facilitates sophisticated, targeted cross-sell and up-sell offers.

• Unique Knowledge Anywhere Architecture™ enables the capture and re-use of valuable information from the best people, and from virtually any document across the enterprise.

• The complete ATG Wisdom-enabled Service Suite is available on-premise or on-demand, as a comprehensive suite, or as individual best-of-breed applications.

“When we acquired Primus Knowledge Solutions a year ago, we acquired the knowledge management, Web self-service, e-mail response, and natural language search technologies rated number one by leading analysts,” stated Cliff Conneighton, senior vice president of marketing, ATG. “Now we have done what no other vendor can do – we have combined those products with the secret sauce of content targeting, scenario personalization, and Data Anywhere Architecture™ that have made ATG the universally recognized number one e-commerce platform. The result is a unique and powerful combination that enables companies to not only dramatically improve the quality and reduce the cost of customer service and support, but also to turn cost centers into revenue centers.”

“More leading companies are realizing that better service can drive greater customer loyalty and improved business results,” said Allen Bonde, president of strategic advisory firm ABG, Inc. “Streamlining service interactions, harnessing the potential of self-service, and doing more to bridge customer support and marketing is critical to delivering on this vision. Unlike traditional service solutions or CRM products, ATG Service Suite is focused on optimizing the multi-channel customer experience based not only on how they would like to interact with the business, but also on their value to the organization.”

ATG Service Suite Feature Overview

• Automated business-rule-driven knowledge management, task routing and customer experience process
• Intelligent Search Technology – Leverages ATG’s industry-leading natural language search engine while also including capabilities for category browsing, rules-based search and decision tree, faceted search.
• Enterprise Integration – Supports Knowledge Anywhere Architecture, Data Anywhere Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture and SLA-linked knowledge.
• Organic Interface – Configurable interface dynamically adapts to each user’s needs, usage and experience. Productivity components enable each agent to personalize his or her workspace and track usage. Skills-based routing ensures that the right person receives each message.
• Individualized Service – Content selected is appropriate to the agent’s or self-service user’s segment membership. The customizable content model suits specific business requirements, including custom roles, attributes, default entitlement and more.
• Interaction Consistency – The Wisdom-enabled ATG Service Suite provides one view of all customer interactions within the ATG product family, including detailed self-service session breakdown, order history, proactive campaigns and more. Installations may use the integrated incident function, or leverage legacy CRM systems.
• Unified and Advanced Architecture – ATG’s Java-based platform technology is a proven, highly scaleable and available platform built on an open service-oriented architecture for flexible customization and integration.

About ATG Wisdom
ATG Wisdom™ is ATG’s strategy for enabling organizations to deliver a seamless, consistent, and compelling experience to every customer and segment, across channels and throughout the customer lifecycle. Wisdom breaks down the traditional silo-based approach to commerce, marketing and service by informing every customer interaction with comprehensive, contextualized insight into the customer’s history, preferences, and activities across the enterprise. The result: every interaction becomes more relevant, efficient, and mutually rewarding.

About ATG
ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc., NASDAQ: ARTG) makes the software that the world`s most customer-conscious companies use to create a more relevant and consistent customer experience, throughout the marketing, commerce, and service lifecycle, and across the Web, e-mail, call center, and mobile channels. Offering an alternative to the traditional silo-based approach to customer-facing applications, ATG Wisdom™ is the company`s strategy for delivering a seamless, more compelling, and mutually valuable experience to each customer and segment. The company fulfills this strategy by providing fully integrated best-of-breed product suites installed on-premise or delivered on-demand. ATG’s solutions power over 600 major brands, including A&E; Networks, Airbus, American Airlines, American Eagle Outfitters, Best Buy, Boeing, Cingular Wireless, DirecTV, France Telecom, Friends Provident, Hewlett-Packard, Hotels.com, Hyatt Hotels, HSBC, InterContinental Hotels Group, Kingfisher, Louis Vuitton, Merrill Lynch, Neiman Marcus, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Symantec, T-Mobile, Target, USAA, US Army, US Navy, Warner Music, and Wells Fargo. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with additional locations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information about ATG, please visit www.atg.com.

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