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Relationships with Fireclick, Sane Solutions (NetTracker), and WebSideStory Deliver Turnkey Solution for Online Marketers

Shop.org Annual Summit, Las Vegas, NV (September 12, 2005) - Optimost, the pioneering conversion rate marketing firm, today announced partnerships with leading Web analytics providers Fireclick, Inc., a subsidiary of Digital River, Inc., Sane Solutions (NetTracker), and WebSideStory. The partnerships enable joint clients to seamlessly integrate Optimost`s groundbreaking multivariable Web page testing capabilities with a variety of the leading Web traffic analysis and tracking tools available.

"Companies that pair our multivariable testing solution with a comprehensive Web analytics solution can maximize conversion rates on their sites," explained Optimost CEO Mark Wachen. "By teaming with these leaders in the analytics space, we`re giving marketers the power to not only understand site traffic behavior and identify possible problems, but also proactively solve those problems through an easy-to-implement multivariable testing solution."

The integrated solutions will combine the Web metrics firms` detailed analysis of online customer and visitor behavior with Optimost`s multivariable testing application. Clients will be able to create and test millions of potential Web page configurations to determine how changes to any variable, including headlines, price points, and even font size will impact conversion rates. In the time it takes to conduct a single A/B page comparison test, marketers using their customer research in tandem with a multivariable test will be able to optimize their Web pages down to the individual impact of each word and image.

Ram Srinivasan, Digital River`s vice president of analytics and general manager of Fireclick, noted, "Optimost is a natural partner for Fireclick`s analytics solutions. Optimost`s technology offers our customers another alternative for easily deploying multivariable testing to improve their conversion rates and returns on their marketing investments."

"Multivariable testing helps take Web traffic analytics to the next level," commented Akin Arikan, Senior Product Manager at Sane Solutions (NetTracker). "We`re pleased to partner with Optimost to offer an end-to-end solution for marketers who want to get inside their customers` heads to maximize conversion rates."

"WebSideStory`s goal is to form strategic partnerships with leading digital marketing firms. Optimost has been the pioneer of multivariable testing solutions for companies looking to maximize conversation rates on their web sites," said Jay McCarthy, Vice President of Business Development for WebSideStory. "Customers who use our solutions will gain actionable insight into how to dramatically improve their site`s business performance."

About Optimost:
New York-based Optimost is a technology and services company specializing in conversion-rate marketing. Pioneers in the field of multivariable testing, the firm is able to create and test virtually limitless permutations of copy, offers and layouts in the time it takes to conduct a standard A/B page comparison test. By combining real-life response data with information about which variables were displayed in the test, Optimost clients are able to determine how much each individual Web site element contributes to the overall response rate.

Client Web pages can then be optimized further based on the combinations of most positive individual site elements. Optimost clients include: Interactive Corp., Lillian Vernon, eDiets, Overstock, Time Warner, Earthlink, MotleyFool, NextStudent, Palo Alto Software, RealNetworks, and HouseValues. For more information, please visit www.optimost.com.

About Fireclick, Inc.
Fireclick, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital River, Inc., provides marketers a comprehensive, easy-to-use Web analytics solution.

The hosted service, which is built on a robust architecture, is designed to drive and measure the effectiveness of highly targeted online campaigns, optimize e-commerce site operations and increase the profitability of multi-channel businesses. For more information, visit www.fireclick.com.

About Sane Solutions
Since 1997, Sane Solutions has driven the direction of the Web analytics market with the NetTracker line of Web site traffic analysis solutions. The NetTracker line combines an easy-to-understand interface with powerful custom Web traffic reporting capabilities to cater to casual users and full-time Web analysts alike. Available in a wide variety of editions (software and hosted) and data collection techniques, NetTracker is designed to meet the needs of any organization.

NetTracker products are used by 10,000 organizations worldwide including: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., GEICO Direct, NASA, HBO, Old Mutual, Best Buy, and more. Sane Solutions` strategic partners include Best Software (SalesLogix), Business Objects, Cognos, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Oracle, and more.

Sane Solutions, LLC, is a privately held limited liability company located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. For more information please contact Sane Solutions LLC, 35 Belver Ave., North Kingstown, RI 02852; tel. 1-800-407-3570 or 401-295-4809; http://www.sane.com.

About WebSideStory
WebSideStory is a leading provider of on-demand digital marketing applications. Its Active Marketing SuiteT includes web analytics, site search, web content management and keyword bid management. Enterprises worldwide use these services to measure and improve their online marketing performance. For more information, contact WebSideStory. Voice: 858 546-0040. Fax: 858.546.0480. Address: 10182 Telesis Court, 6th Floor, San Diego, CA 92121. Web site: www.WebSideStory.com. HBX and Active Marketing Suite are trademarks and WebSideStory is a registered trademark of WebSideStory. Other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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