WebSideStory Debuts Active Dashboard with Launch of HBX 3.0 On-Demand Web Analytics

Paul Demery

Interactive, Visual Dashboards Enable Business Scenario Analysis Using HBX Web Metrics

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 1, 2005) WebSideStory® (Nasdaq: WSSI), a leading provider of on-demand digital marketing applications, today announced the launch of HBX™ Analytics 3.0, the latest version of its award-winning web analytics service. HBX 3.0 introduces Active Dashboard, the first web analytics tool of its kind that enables marketers to conduct real-time business scenario analysis to forecast the effect of web site changes. Offered as an extended service through WebSideStory’s professional services team, Active Dashboard gives marketers an intuitive, visual representation of their web metrics and how those metrics affect their business objectives. HBX 3.0 also employs a new, highly graphical interface and seamless integration with a new keyword bid management application called WebSideStory Bid (also announced today). HBX 3.0 is the cornerstone of the WebSideStory Active Marketing Suite™, a collection of integrated, on-demand digital marketing applications that includes web analytics, site search, web content management and keyword bid management. HBX Analytics is the most acclaimed enterprise web analytics product over the past year¹ with accolades that include Network Computing’s Editor’s Choice Award for best e-commerce analytics service on July 7.

“With Active Dashboard, WebSideStory delivers yet another intuitive analytics reporting capability,” said Ethan Giffin, product manager for Allegis Group, one of the largest staffing companies in the world with more than 220 offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe. “Being able to forecast the impact of web site changes is critical to effective web site marketing. It not only helps you focus your efforts, but it can help substantiate a larger budget.”

HBX Active Dashboard adds to WebSideStory’s extensive list of alternative reporting capabilities, including HBX Report Builder, a plug-in for Microsoft Excel and considered one of the most advanced reporting tools in the industry; and Active Viewing, a browser plug-in that overlays key metrics right on top of a web page. HBX 3.0 was developed with feedback from one of the largest enterprise customer bases in the industry. The new version offers:

-- HBX Active Dashboard – Interactive, visual dashboards that enable marketers to create sophisticated “what if” scenarios in real time. For example, what will be the impact on total monthly revenue if I can increase my average order size by 5 percent? Active Dashboard include pre-defined dashboards based on site type – e-commerce, lead generation, media and self-service – or custom dashboards designed and delivered by WebSideStory’s professional services organization. Active Dashboard can be delivered as embedded objects within a PowerPoint presentation.

-- Enhanced User Interface – HBX 3.0 contains a new highly graphical, customer-driven interface that improves user interaction and productivity.

-- Integration with WebSideStory Bid – HBX 3.0 provides seamless integration with WebSideStory Bid, a new keyword bid management application that is part of the Active Marketing Suite. Bid is one of the industry’s most powerful applications for managing and measuring large numbers of keywords through a single marketing console. Bid uses AJAX technology, a web development technique, resulting in state-of-the-art interface design that streamlines the bid management process. It delivers dozens of new search engine marketing reports.

“HBX 3.0 links keyword bid management into the Active Marketing Suite and sets new standards in interface design and reporting,” said Rand Schulman, Chief Marketing Officer of WebSideStory. “This release delivers on our vision of integrated marketing and making it as easy as possible for marketers to improve their initiatives.”

For more information about WebSideStory and its products, please visit www.websidestory.com.

¹ Within the past 12 months, WebSideStory has won Network Computing’s Editor’s Choice Award for best e-commerce analytics se rvice (July 2005); InfoWorld’s top score of major web analytics solutions (March 2005) and PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award for best web analytics se rvice (Aug. 2004).

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