RideGear kick starts a new e-commerce platform

After five years, RideGear is shelving a home grown system and installing a new e-commerce platform from Venda Inc.

Kurt Peters


When it comes to using an internally designed and developed e-commerce system, five years is enough for RideGear.com, an online retailer of accessories for bicycles, snowmobiles and motor cycles.

RideGear, which ranks No. 352 in The Internet Retailer Top 400 Guide to Retail Web Sites, is shelving its home grown system and installing a new e-commerce platform from Venda Inc. “For the first five years the system we built ourselves was fine, but now as we grow we need an e-commerce system that can scale as well,” says RideGear CEO Ed Dodd. “The old system required a lot of custom programming.”

The new system will help RideGear do a better job of cross-selling merchandise such as helmets, gloves, covers and saddle bags and help personalize the shopping experience, Dodd says.

The Venda platform will expedite site search with improved guided navigation. The e-commerce platform will also enable RideGear to build in “my account” tools that will allow new and repeat customers to store their personal information.

“The biggest advantage of the new e-commerce platform is how fast we can get customers to the products they are looking for and how fast they can find related accessories,” Dodd says. “This will give us new ways to increase our cross-selling opportunities.”

The e-commerce platform will be up and running in time for the holiday season. “Evaluating and making the selection of a new platform was a heavy duty process,” Dodd says. “We began by looking at the biggest processors, including Amazon, and went from there.”

RideGear, which had 2004 web sales of $6 million in 2004, is on track to grow revenues to at least $7 million in 2005, Dodd says.



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