Smith & Noble boosts conversions by 17% using online product configurator

Dynamic imaging automates image production to display more product material and color combinations online. Shoppers also can visualize their product choice in virtual settings resembling their own rooms.

Paul Demery


More and better online product display is adding up to more online sales at the web site of window treatment marketer Smith & Noble. The conversion rate through its online Design Center feature is up 17% over the conversion rate for the rest of the site since it implemented product configuration technology from dynamic imaging provider Scene7, the company says.

The feature allows site visitors to visually configure custom window treatments in their choice of product materials, fabrics, valance and tape options, and then allows them to visualize their selection in either a bedroom or living room setting. The room configuration feature lets visitors “decorate” online by choosing different color and materials options for the floor, walls and furniture depicted in the room. The process allows visitors to see their window treatment choices in the virtual context of the color schemes used in their actual rooms at home.

The feature offers zoo capacity that allows visitors to enlarge any configured product for a close examination of detail. Currently, the product configurator option is offered on three product lines on the site and the room configurator figure on five product lines.

Tony Morris, e-commerce manager at Smith & Noble, notes that an earlier deployment of the product configurator using technology from another provider required Smith & Noble to pre-configure every possible color and material image that could be shown. Because the process was time- and resource-consuming, he notes, it limited the number of options that could be visually represented in addition to producing results of poor quality.

Scene 7’s automated solution dynamically generates any combination from digital swatches of materials and options entered into the system. “That allows us to easily add new product lines quickly and scale as our business grows,” says Morris.



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