Eyeblaster Announces Firefox Compatibility

Paul Demery

Company Extends the Reach of Rich Media for Online Advertisers

NEW YORK--June 21, 2005--Eyeblaster, the leader in rich media advertising management, delivery and reporting solutions, today announced its compatibility with Mozilla`s Firefox browser, effective immediately.

"Advertisers want to know they are reaching their target demographics, regardless of what browser someone is using," said Nir Shimoni, Vice President, Product. "Eyeblaster is committed to delivering the highest quality rich media to the broadest audience possible. With the addition of Firefox support to our ad serving, we can assure our clients that they are."

Eyeblaster`s browser detection data indicates that Firefox has grown in popularity to 10.56% of all Web surfers, representing an audience of over 16 million users. This data closely parallels the latest eMarketer reports, released in April, showing Firefox usage increasing more than 6% since January, to 10.28% market share.

Eyeblaster`s data shows that Internet Explorer 6 remains the clear market leader, representing nearly 80% of all Web surfers, with IE 5 holding a 4% market share. The Safari and Netscape browsers represent 2.5% and 1.2%, respectively, of all browsers detected by Eyeblaster. comScore Media Metrix currently estimates there to be 165.4 million Internet users in the US.(a)

Eyeblaster can now serve floating ads, expandable banners, polite banners and window ads to Firefox browsers running in a Windows environment. In addition to ad serving capabilities, Eyeblaster clients can target campaign delivery to specific browsers, now including Firefox, in conjunction with other targeting capabilities available in the Rich Media Platform such bandwidth, operating system and screen resolution.

More technical information regarding Firefox support is available to Eyeblaster users on the homepage of the Rich Media Platform. (a) Source: comScore Media Metrix 6/16/05 press release.

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