Tesco Initiates Rollout with WWRE Promotions Management

Kurt Peters

Paris, France April 25th - Tesco Stores and the Worldwide Retail Exchange (WWRE) today announced a rollout of the WWRE internet enabled promotions management solution.

In 2004, Tesco adopted the WWRE WorldSHARE Promotions tool for introducing and managing promotions across more than 90 `Impulse` category suppliers. The program was extremely successful, and embraced by both Tesco category buyers and their suppliers. Tesco and their suppliers were able to increase productivity, reduce errors and remove overflow of paper proposals in the buying team’s process.

“Our partnership with the WWRE enabled Tesco to develop an improved promotions planning process," said. Stuart Blackery, B2B Manager at Tesco. "We are communicating more efficiently with our trading partners and finding our overall management of promotional planning activities to be much better and simpler for us and our trading partners.”

After the success of the WorldSHARE Promotions tool in the Impulse category, Tesco approved a larger scale rollout of the WWRE solution, across a list of 800 suppliers among 10 major category areas - expected to be completed within an 18 month time frame.

Developed exclusively by and for WWRE member retailers and suppliers, the WorldSHARE Promotions tool is integrated within WWRE`s Collaborative Planner solution. To date, Collaborative Planner has over 125 trading relationships live across multiple categories.

Tesco and the WWRE will be demonstrating the Promotions tool and Collaborative Planner solution at the ECR Europe conference in Paris on April 27th and 28th at the WWRE booth #N05 and during the WorldWide Retail Exchange Exhibitor Briefs throughout the event.

About WWRE
The WWRE is the premier Internet-based business-to-business exchange for retailers and suppliers. Designed to facilitate and simplify trading between retailers, suppliers, partners and distributors, the WWRE currently consists of over 200 members from Asia, Europe, North America and South America. To date, the WWRE has saved its members over $2 billion through the use its solutions. For more information, visit the website at www.wwre.org or www.worldwideretailexchange.org.


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