The Wine Enthusiast increases online conversions by 21% with an e-catalog

WineEnthusiast.com sees conversion and basket size rise in its first holiday season since implementing RichFx’s online catalog. The feature also helps boost the house list as shoppers seeing the catalog online request paper copies for their homes.

Kurt Peters


WineEnthusiast.com, the e-commerce site of 25 year-old cataloger The Wine Enthusiast, experienced a 21% increase in online conversions from its online catalog in its first holiday season since implementing RichFx’s online catalog last spring, the company reports. Conversions from the online catalog users nearly doubled conversions among other online shoppers on the site.

Already producing millions of paper catalogs annually, “Leveraging these print assets in an online version was a logical choice,” says Glen Edelman, director of e-commerce marketing at The Wine Enthusiast.

Edelman, who notes that average order value increased 10% for web site visitors who engaged the online catalog, says that the feature has paid other dividends as well. “Since we added the online catalog feature to our site, we have been able to significantly increase our house file through the catalog request page and increase sales from current customers,” he says. “Those customers who receive the print catalog at home now have an easier time buying online because they know where to find what they are looking for in the online version.”



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