Speedera Delivers 15 Billion Web Hits in 24 Hours

Kurt Peters

Internet`s Pulse Racing Faster by the Mega-Beat, Spurred By Natural and Manmade Events, Rising Business Use of the Web, and Increased Adoption of Rich Media

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Jan. 18, 2005 -- Speedera Networks, a leading global provider of on-demand distributed application hosting and content delivery services, today announced that during a 24-hour period in December of 2004 it delivered more than 15 billion Web requests, making it one of the largest companies in the world delivering Web content. On Jan. 11, one global customer alone reached 10-Gigabits per second in content delivery traffic. Because of its network`s robust architecture, Speedera was able to deliver the content flawlessly.

"To provide perspective about delivering 15 billion hits in a 24-hour cycle, we delivered 17 billion hits to the NASA Web portal for the entire year of 2004, at one point handling peak loads of nearly seven gigabits per second for NASA," said Ajit Gupta, president and CEO of Speedera Networks. "Future events such as sports competitions, elections, computer attacks, wars and natural disasters will no doubt spark additional traffic spikes, and we are working closely with our customers to be prepared."

Speedera executives point to a confluence of events and long-term trends for the ongoing surge in Web traffic. The December spike, they pointed out, was due largely to the holiday shopping season and the use of rich media to entice visitors to stay longer at sites and make repeat visits.

The recent Asia tsunami cataclysm and subsequent international relief efforts have also sharply driven Internet traffic in general and Speedera`s network traffic in particular. For example, Speedera is currently working with UNICEF (www.unicef.org) to deliver content and keep its Web sites running so that relief efforts for the Asia tsunami victims can continue without interruption. The company is providing similar support to Quarters From Kids (www.quartersfromkids.com), an effort by American schoolchildren to assist in the tsunami relief effort by donating money. These sites, and others such as Autism.org, are being supported under Speedera`s Giving Back program (http://www.speedera.com/primary/givingback/givingback.htm), which provides non-profit organizations with Web site delivery services at no cost.

There are other events that will drive Internet traffic to record levels. Speedera expects future traffic surges related to upcoming major events which its customers are involved with, such as NASA`s space shuttle launch; the National Football League`s annual Super Bowl on Feb. 6; and income tax season in the United States with its April 15 deadline.

"From our perspective, with our finger on the pulse of the Internet, we are seeing traffic rising at a rapid pace," said Gupta. "We expect this trend to continue in 2005, with traffic rising sharply compared to 2004, which itself was a record year for Internet usage. Feeding this trend is the increased adoption of broadband technology, the building momentum of Internet commerce, and more video streaming using exciting technology like Flash Video."

Indeed, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, broadband use at home has surpassed that of dial-up in the United States, reaching 53 percent of residential Web users as of October 2004. Meanwhile, more people are buying online. VeriSign, Inc., reports that the online 2004 holiday shopping season yielded a total of $8.8 billion in online shopping purchases, a 24- percent increase from the year before.

Speedera`s rapid growth as one of the world`s largest companies delivering Web traffic is tied to its dominance in key markets such as media & entertainment, online retail, online marketing (such as ad delivery), technology and government. Speedera`s other 300-plus client companies are seeing their Web traffic rise dramatically, in some cases doubling and trebling from the year before.

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