LANSA Announces Partnership With Stratum Global

Paul Demery

New Company to Become LANSA’s RFID Partner

Downers Grove, Ill. - December 30, 2004 - LANSA and Stratum Global have announced a reciprocal partnership agreement effective January 1, 2005. Stratum Global, a new spin-off company headed by Alan Christensen, former vice president, solutions products, at LANSA, will focus solely on the RFID market.

This partnership allows LANSA to provide its customers with a leading dge RFID solution by promoting Stratum Global as its RFID partner and reselling Stratum’s RFID solution, called StratumRF. Stratum Global is now a LANSA Solutions Partner, selling LANSA application development and integration products along with its RFID solution. Existing LANSA RFID Direct customers will be migrated to Stratum Global solutions.

Alan Christensen, partner and chief technical officer at Stratum Global, said, “RFID is a fast-moving space that requires specialized RF (radio frequency) technologies, standards involvement, hardware, process change and services beyond the scope of product development that LANSA has been traditionally involved with. Stratum Global, as a completely separate organization, will focus exclusively on the emerging RFID marketplace and build its products and services to keep pace.”

John Siniscal, president of LANSA, said of the new partnership, “We are excited about this relationship as it will allow LANSA to market a stronger solution for this emerging market and support Stratum Global in its efforts to develop leading edge RFID solutions based on LANSA technology. In addition, LANSA’s Data Sync Direct customers who are pursuing RFID initiatives will benefit from our new relationship with Stratum Global. Successful RFID roll-outs with respect to EPCglobal compliancy will require that a solution compliant with the global data synchronization network (GDSN) be in place, and LANSA is well-positioned to help companies begin that process.”

About Stratum Global
Stratum Global is a software solutions company and systems integrator that develops and markets RFID solutions for various platforms. Stratum provides complete implementation services including site surveys, hardware installation and enterprise integration to support the total RFID solution. RFID is Stratum’s sole business focus throughout the supply chain, and the company will expand into other RFID markets as those markets emerge. Innovative products, services and people are what differentiate Stratum from its competition. For more information visit www.stratumglobal.com

LANSA is a software company that helps customers enhance their business performance through the effective use of leading-edge technologies, services and solutions. LANSA’s products provide offerings in the areas of application development, e-business solutions, technology integration and data access. LANSA has evolved into a powerful family of products and solutions that support IBM iSeries, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. Founded in 1987, LANSA has over 6,700 installations in more than 67 countries including e-business solutions for world-leading companies like Visa, Hershey Foods, General Electric Appliances and Dean Foods. For more information visit www.lansa.com


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