Moulton Logistics Takes Fulfillment Web Reporting To the Next Level

Kurt Peters

November 15, 2004 – Van Nuys, CA – Moulton Logistics Management (http://www.moultonlogistics.com), a leading national fulfillment company and long a leader in Web-based fulfillment reporting, has announced further enhancements to its reporting system.

Moulton’s Web View Plus reporting engine provides a comprehensive suite of Web reports, from order to payment processing, financial, continuity, inventory, shipping and returns reports.

According to CEO Larry Moulton, “Clients can run their business using Web View Plus. No matter where they are, they can see what orders are coming in, the money they are making and the inventory they are moving.”

This kind of end-to-end reporting, including full GAAP reporting, is ideal for the marketing company that ships hundreds of thousands of orders, but only has relatively few employees. Web reports can be provided in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel and HTML, enabling clients to print or download data with minimal fuss.

To further differentiate itself, Moulton has become the leading provider of real-time reports, or reports that are updated on a transactional versus batch basis.

For the fulfillment industry, which deals with millions of rows of data and a variety of file formats, batch processes have traditionally been the most efficient way to manage data and protect precious system resources. While there will always be reports that are more suited to batch processing, such as accounting reports, CEO Moulton, sees real-time reporting as a critical tool for the nimble marketing company.

“Our real-time reports are a major advantage for clients who need up-to-the-minute visibility into how many orders, returns and calls they are getting for a new campaign,” said Moulton. “We use transaction-fired database updates coupled with query filters so that clients can get the data they want without overwhelming the system.”

One of the most productive of Mouton’s recent real-time reporting innovations is real-time call center reporting. Clients can see their customer service level (calls offered versus calls answered) and call dispositions in real-time. They can even drill down into a specific call disposition, such as cancelled orders, and listen to the actual calls over the Web.

This commitment to providing instant, actionable data is part of Moulton’s “glass warehouse” initiative. According to CEO Moulton, “Instead of outdated or hidden information, we provide total operational transparency, which includes reports that clearly reveal if we are doing a good job for our clients or not.”

About Moulton Logistics Management

Moulton Logistics Management is a 36-year old ISO-Certified company serving numerous clients in all areas of direct response fulfillment, including DRTV fulfillment, continuity programs, retail distribution, call center services and Web services. It operates from a 250,000 sq. ft. fulfillment and warehousing facility in Van Nuys, California, in proximity to the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

For further information on Moulton’s services, contact Joel Crannell at 818-997-1800 or at joel@moultonlogistics.com.


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