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Leading Brands Implement RightNow Outbound to Send Targeted Email Communications and Reap Improved Campaign Results

BOZEMAN, MONT. (August 9, 2004)-RightNowR Technologies today announced that it has signed more than 30 enterprise customers for RightNow OutboundT. Leading organizations in the business-to-consumer, business-to-business and public sectors have embraced RightNow Outbound`s unique ability to mine rich service interaction data for targeted email marketing campaigns and proactive customer service communications.

RightNow Outbound customers include Skechers USA, Inc.; Miami Dade College; Paddy Power plc; The Dow Chemical Company; Beretta USA; Conklin Company Inc.; DYMO, a division of Esselte Corporation; and Rainbow DBS, a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corp.

RightNow Outbound allows marketers to deliver permission-based, revenue-generating email marketing campaigns and customer service organizations to proactively address service-and-support issues. RightNow Outbound-when deployed in conjunction with RightNow`s award-winning customer service and support suite RightNow ServiceT-enables service and marketing departments to collaborate on customer communication strategies more effectively without any data integration and management challenges.

Skechers USA, Inc., the leading lifestyle footwear manufacturer and retailer, has implemented RightNow Outbound to expand its strategic email marketing program aimed at supporting its e-commerce division and 125 brick-and-mortar stores. As an experienced email marketer since early 2002, Skechers has an opt-in email list of nearly 800,000, gathered from its e-commerce site (www.skechers.com ), product registration cards and retail store transactions.

Its recent "Spring Offer >From Skechers.com" campaign drove 25 percent more online sales than a >prior campaign that was sent using Skechers` in-house email system. The follow-up "Spring Friend and Family Shopping Week at Skechers Stores" campaign, which offered a printable discount flyer, targeted a list of segmented customers who live near Skechers` retail stores and garnered a 25 percent open rate.

"As we moved away from catalog to e-commerce, email marketing has become the only realistic, dependable way to drive online sales and communicate with our online customers effectively," Geric Johnson, vice president of Direct Marketing at Skechers U.S.A., said. "RightNow Outbound provides the ability to send personalized messages and analyze campaign results to improve our future mailings. Additionally, using RightNow as the primary platform for both email marketing and customer service applications will ensure that our customer communications are coordinated across departments."

As a next step, Skechers will integrate its RightNow Outbound and RightNow Service applications with the company`s e-commerce applications to better service and market to its online customers.

"RightNow Outbound`s rapid market traction further supports the growing demand to leverage the email medium for integrated service and marketing communications," Sean Forbes, vice president of Marketing and Business Development at RightNow, said. "As companies continue to expand their email marketing programs and consumer inboxes become increasingly crowded, it is imperative to ensure that every commercial email communication delivers the right value to the right audience at the right time."

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