Linens `n Things Secures North American Network with WatchGuard Firebox X

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Major housewares retailer selects WatchGuard security solution over Cisco and Check Point for ease of configuration and reliability

Seattle, WA, June 7, 2004 - WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WGRD) today announced that Linens `n Things Inc., the national large format retailer of home textiles, housewares and home accessories, has selected WatchGuard Firebox X integrated security appliances to provide secure Internet access for its North American network.

The retailer is using WatchGuard Firebox X2500 security appliances in its Clifton, NJ, headquarters to provide secure access to its private IP network of 463 stores, depots, warehouses, external suppliers and 400 mobile users across North America. Firebox X integrated security appliances offer firewall, VPN, application layer security, intrusion prevention functionality, spam blocking, web filtering, authentication and high availability capability. The first integrated security appliance to deliver full model upgrade capability through the activation of software license keys, Firebox X enables customers to upgrade existing hardware to any higher model in the line.

"We selected WatchGuard over solutions from Cisco and Check Point because we wanted a reliable appliance that was easy to configure," said Gary Stein, network manager at Linens `n Things. "We keep our network locked down, but with so many suppliers and mobile users needing access, we frequently have to make urgent configuration changes. With Firebox X, I don`t have to spend a lot of time worrying about reliability, security and configuration - which is exactly the way I want it."

Firebox X appliances can be upgraded via a software license key from three active Ethernet ports to six. Linens `n Things uses these six Ethernet ports to establish secure zones (or DMZs) on its network, as well as allocating a dedicated port to the High Availability `heartbeat` to protect availability.

"Billions of dollars worth of trade are processed every year through the Linens `n Things network, so uptime is essential," said John Stuckey, vice president of product marketing at WatchGuard. "We designed the Firebox X for this kind of environment, so customers have the flexibility to make necessary configuration changes quickly and easily without affecting operations. Our customers need to be confident that they are protected against attacks and, at the same time, accommodate changing user needs and ensure system reliability."

Linens `n Things first selected WatchGuard in 2002 when it brought its firewall in-house from a managed firewall service provider. The company has now upgraded to the Firebox X line to provide the additional layers of security, scalability and throughput capacity the company needs as it grows.

Linens `n Things has also purchased a Firebox SOHO 6tc which it plans to install in a remote store that is not currently connected to its private IP network. This will enable the store to access central information and the company intranet over a secure VPN, without the cost a dedicated link involves. Moving forward, Linens `n Things plans to bring more of its regional offices into the VPN to save the costs of a dedicated leased line.

"Our remote users and store managers need access to the private network, not just for email, but also to view performance statistics on central systems. They might need to check inventory levels for instance or view the sales forecast of a particular product line," explained Stein. "This is sensitive information which needs to be kept secure. At the same time though, it must be accessible, which is why the reliability of the Firebox is so crucial."

WatchGuard Firebox X Integrated Security Appliances
WatchGuard Firebox X, designed for the specific requirements of SMEs, is the first integrated security appliance to deliver full model upgrade capability through the activation of software license keys. Customers can purchase model upgrades as their security needs change and obtain all the performance and functionality of the higher model in the line just as if they had purchased it originally. The model upgrade allows customers to scale their existing Firebox X security appliance simply and economically without costly and time-consuming hardware replacements. Firebox X combines firewall, VPN, application layer security, intrusion prevention functionality, spam blocking, Web filtering, authentication and high availability capability in a single appliance. Total cost of ownership for the Firebox X is up to 80 percent less than comparable appliances on the market over a four-year period.

About WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.
WatchGuard is a leading provider of network security solutions for small- to mid-sized enterprises worldwide, delivering integrated products and services that are robust as well as easy to buy, deploy and manage. The company`s Firebox X line of expandable integrated security appliances is designed to be fully upgradeable as an organization grows and to deliver the industry`s best combination of security, performance, intuitive interface and value. WatchGuard Intelligent Layered Security architecture protects against emerging threats effectively and efficiently and provides the flexibility to integrate additional security functionality and services offered through WatchGuard. Every WatchGuard product comes with an initial LiveSecurity Service subscription to help customers stay on top of the security landscape with vulnerability alerts, software updates, expert security instruction and superior customer care. For more information, please call (206) 521-8340 or visit www.watchguard.com.

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