Jenson USA finds keyword buys beat other online PPC programs

Jenson started with 20 keywords from Overture Services; less than 2 years later, it’s got 80. The bike parts and accessories supplier says traffic is up and its return on advertising spending is 200%.

Mary Wagner

Though it initially focused exclusively on print advertising, Jenson USA, an online and catalog retailer of bicycle parts and accessories that opened its doors in 1994, has since found online pay-per-click advertising to be one of its most cost-effective ad programs. In fact, Jenson has increased its keyword buys from Overture Services Inc. by 300% from an initial 20 keywords since it first launched its Overture program in April of 2002, marketing director Justin Christopher tells Internet Retailer.

Christopher says that in addition to generating online sales, the exposure the site receives through the Overture program also serves to promote awareness among customers who research online but prefer to order from the company’s call center, and also helps to drive customers to Jenson’s retail store. Jenson USA also has a quarterly catalog.

As its keyword purchase has expanded, Jenson’s traffic has grown as well, posting a 300% increase in under a year. Though the company did not disclose what it`s spending on keywords, it says it’s achieved 100% ROI and a 200% return on its advertising spending through the keyword program.

According to Christopher, the Overture program has been more effective and more cost-effective than various other types of online PPC programs with which it’s experimented. “Overture delivers more sales leads that are ready to buy than any other PPC vehicle we’ve used,” he adds.


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