Interwoven Announces Availability of MediaBin Asset Server 4.0

Kurt Peters

Proven Digital Asset Management Software Builds Brand Equity, Speeds the Execution of Marketing Projects, Drives Down Costs, and Simplifies Business Processes for Global Enterprises

NEW YORK, NY AIIM Conference & Expo 2004 Booth #1137 March 8, 2004 Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV), the world`s next-generation enterprise content management (ECM) company, today announced the availability of Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server 4.0 software that helps global organizations increase brand equity and agility while reducing costs. The new version of this market-leading digital asset management (DAM) product also builds on Interwoven`s service-oriented architecture to streamline the execution of marketing projects and facilitate the controlled distribution of marketing content. MediaBin 4.0 is the cornerstone of Interwoven`s Marketing Content Management Solution, also announced today, (http://www.interwoven.com/news/press/2004/030804mcm.html), providing a foundation for solutions that manage the marketing content supply chain between enterprises and their internal and external sales channels.

Today, brand managers are constantly under pressure to quickly distribute up-to-date and brand-correct marketing content to all of their constituencies including sales, investors, media contacts, employees, and partners. At the same time, they struggle to maintain brand control, safeguarding consistency and accuracy across all channels and media. With MediaBin 4.0, global marketing organizations within some of the world`s most recognizable brand-name companies, such as Delta Air Lines, John Deere, Microsoft, Reebok, and Samsonite, increase brand equity, drive revenue growth by rapidly delivering brand-compliant marketing content to the sales channel, and achieve marketing efficiencies by greatly reducing time and labor costs associated with the production and distribution of marketing content.

"Interwoven understands the complex processes, collaboration needs, and technology requirements associated with executing global brand initiatives," said Jim Porter, executive director of Post-Production and Operations at Starz Encore. "With Interwoven MediaBin 4.0, we will be able to quickly and easily coordinate our internal processes and our creative partnerships with affiliates. MediaBin will help us realize our goals of developing, storing, and distributing marketing content driving down costs, increasing process efficiency, and ensuring that our brand is consistently and properly represented."

MediaBin 4.0 is based on the most scalable, easily extensible, proven DAM platform available on the market today. The new version connects multiple servers, both inside and outside of the organization, to help manage all marketing content locally, while providing centralized, global access for employees and business partners. Helping to ensure that brand-related digital content is always properly formatted and up-to-date throughout the marketing content supply chain, MediaBin 4.0 represents a key building block to enable Interwoven`s vision of Content Networks, a new paradigm for managing content within and beyond the enterprise.

Key Features in MediaBin Asset Server 4.0:

- Syndication Manager: Now enables multiple MediaBin servers to share marketing content (creating replicas, renditions, or references) according to easily defined business rules. Syndication Manager supports the controlled separation of intranet and externally-accessible MediaBin servers, automatically keeping all servers up-to-date;

- Mac OS X Client: A new Web Services-based application that exploits the advanced user-interface capabilities of Mac OS X Panther to speed interaction with MediaBin for power users;
- Metadata Enhancements: Handles metadata with greater speed and flexibility;
- MetaTagger Content Intelligence Server Integration: MediaBin now integrates Interwoven MetaTagger Content Intelligence Server software to automatically add "intelligence" to Microsoft Office documents and PDF assets resulting in more effective and relevant search results;
- Leverage Service-Oriented Architecture: MediaBin is the only integrated DAM solution incorporating a service-oriented architecture. The new Syndication Manager and Mac OS X Client interact with MediaBin 4.0 via Web services, reducing issues encountered by users working across Internet firewalls;
- Greater User Adoption: MediaBin`s popular user interface has been refined to make the user experience more intuitive and productive.

"MediaBin 4.0 further demonstrates Interwoven`s technology leadership in Marketing Content Management," said Steve Kimball, general manager, Marketing Solutions, for Interwoven. "Global companies have come to rely on Interwoven to accelerate time-to-market for critical product launches and campaigns, safeguard valuable brand assets as they are used within and beyond the enterprise, and reduce costs throughout brand-related initiatives."

Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server 4.0 can be purchased from Interwoven today.

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Interwoven, Inc. is the world`s next-generation enterprise content management (ECM) company. Interwoven`s patented, award-winning ECM platform integrates the six pillars of content management: collaboration, e-mail management, document management, Web content management, digital asset management, and records management. Allied with the leading enterprise application providers, the Interwoven ECM platform provides complete, end-to-end content management for more than 2,700 organizations worldwide including Air France, Citibank, Ford, General Electric, Jones Day, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, and Yamaha. For more information visit www.interwoven.com.


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