New search function boosts Lillian Vernon Online sales conversions by 20%

EasyAsk’s natural language search and navigation sorts Lillian Vernon Online’s more than 6,000 SKUS. Overall use of site search is up, nearly doubling over the holidays.

Mary Wagner

Lillian Vernon Corp. has seen its Lillian Vernon Online web site sales conversions rise by 20% and its average order size grow 10%, exceeding expectations, since it implemented search and navigation technology from vendor EasyAsk in September, the company reports. Overall use of search on the site also is up, nearly doubling during the holiday shopping season.

With more than 6,000 SKUs offered on Lillian Vernon Online, search has always been a widely used function, but the site’s previous search functionality limited visitors to using only basic keywords or specific SKU numbers. As a result, search too often returned irrelevant results or no results.

Integrating EasyAsk’s natural language search and navigation platform opened up the search function to allow shoppers to use descriptive words and phrases. EasyAsk pools search results according to common attributes such as price, category and product highlights to help customers easily navigate to the items matching their exact criteria. EasyAsk functionality also helps agents working with shoppers online through Lillian Vernon’s Live Chat service to find merchandise the shopper wants, according to the technology vendor.

“We selected EasyAsk because we knew that its search and navigation technology delivered exceptional results and was already deployed by leading retailers,” says Lillian Vernon, founding chairman of Lillian Vernon Online. “We were impressed by the quick return on our investment.”


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