ShopNBC Selects IBM To Meet Holiday Sales Demand

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IBM eServer p690 is Industry`s Top-Selling High-end UNIX Computer System, Out-Shipping HP and Sun

ARMONK, N.Y., December 19, 2003 -- IBM today announced that ShopNBC, one of the nation`s largest home shopping networks, has selected IBM to help it respond to seasonal sales demand in its core businesses. The company will use powerful IBM eServer p690 systems to process tens of thousands of orders this holiday season from customers ordering merchandise from its home shopping channel ShopNBC and its online Website - ShopNBC.com.

As part of the multi-year agreement with ShopNBC, the IBM eServer p690 systems will act as the foundation for the company`s growing datacenter, which manages its most mission critical e-commerce and in-store retail applications.

"We have been a long-time IBM UNIX customer, relying on powerful IBM eServer technology to help meet the needs of our growing business," said Steve Danker, CIO, ShopNBC. "When it came time for us to upgrade our infrastructure, we wanted reliable and scalable systems that would respond to seasonal increases in computing power and allow for enterprise growth. The IBM eServer p690 systems deliver superior reliability, scalability and speed to our online and brick-and-mortar retail stores, allowing our employees fast and convenient access to our supply chain and ensuring products are on the shelves for our valued customers."

The ultra-powerful IBM eServer p690 systems will fuel a fast-growing business. Shop NBC is one of the nation`s fastest growing shopping networks and the third largest overall. ShopNBC TV broadcasts into more than 53 million households via cable and satellite. ShopNBC.com-with ShopNBC TV simulcasts and a wide array of merchandise for sale, is available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Today`s announcement also marks a milestone in the computer marketplace. The IBM eServer p690 is now the industry`s most popular high-end UNIX server. According to independent research firm IDC, over the last eight quarters, IBM has shipped more high-end eServer p690 systems than either HP`s high-end Superdome UNIX systems or Sun`s high-end UNIX systems (1).

"Since we first introduced the p690 about two years ago, we have continued to demonstrate to our customers that if they want to run AIX or Linux along with their key business applications, the p690 gives them the rock-solid security, reliability and availability they look for in a UNIX server." said Adalio Sanchez, general manager for IBM pSeries Systems. "The demand for p690s are a testament to the strength of the eServer system and our UNIX platform overall. It`s why smart businesses like ShopNBC are turning to IBM for the flexible infrastructure required in today`s on demand world."

Award-Winning Performance
The IBM eServer p690 is one of the most decorated UNIX servers in the history of performance benchmarks. Among the performance marks currently held by the p690:

- SPECweb99 -- IBM p690 has the top result in the industry for two years running and beats HP by 40% (2)
- SAP SD 3-Tier -- IBM p690 is #1 (3)
- SPECompM2001 -- IBM p690 has the top 32-way result in the industry (4)

The IBM eServer p690 system offers outstanding performance to customers. It is the first pSeries server to integrate industry-leading POWER4 microprocessors, state of the art processor technology, and the first-ever "server on a chip." The IBM eServer p690 system delivers outstanding performance while delivering world-class reliability features and saving electricity, maintenance, operating and administrative costs. The p690 is also equipped with the ability to run AIX and Linux simultaneously on a single server, and the capability to add, remove, or deploy system resources through logical partitioning.

About IBM
IBM is the world`s largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. Drawing on resources from across IBM and key Business Partners, IBM offers a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that enable customers, large and small, to take full advantage of the new era of e-business. For more information about IBM, visit www.ibm.com.

(1) All information according to IDC quarterly tracking of UNIX units shipped. Over the last eight quarters, the IBM eServer p690 has shipped 3,498 total units during that time. Over the last eight quarters, the HP Superdome has shipped 3,136 units. Over the last eight quarters, the SunFire 15K has shipped 1,545 total while the SunFire 12K has shipped 704 units during that time. IDC 3Q`03 Quarterly Tracker, Units Shipped.
(2) A 16-way p690 running AIX 5L v5.2; SPECweb99 result of 21,000 simultaneous connections published November, 2001. 16-way HP rp8400 running HP-UX; SPECweb99 result of 15,000 simultaneous connections published October, 2001.
(3) A 32-way p690 running AIX 5L v5.2; SAP SD 3-tier 4.6C result of 47,528 users, 1.88 second average dialog response time, 4,799,330 fully processed order line items / hour published October 2002.
(4) 32-way p690 running AIX 5L v5.2; SPECompM2001 peak result of 38,447 published October 2003.

Additional Footnotes:
This data is current as of December 4, 2003.
For further SPEC-related information, please see www.spec.org.
SPECweb99, SPECsfs97_R1, and SPECompM2001 are trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. For further SAP-related information, please see http://www.sap.com


In 3Q`01, IBM`s overall UNIX market share was 21.1%
In 3Q`01, HP`s overall UNIX market share was 35.7%
In 3Q`01, Sun`s overall UNIX market share was 28.6%
In 4Q`01, IBM started shipping the very first UNIX servers based on POWER4 technology, the p690

As of 3Q`03, IBM`s overall UNIX market share is 25.6% (gaining 4.5% of the UNIX market over the past two years/eight quarters As of 3Q`03, HP`s overall UNIX market share is 33.8% (losing 1.9% of the UNIX market over the past two years/eight quarters As of 3Q`03, Sun`s overall UNIX market share is 28.4% (losing .2% of the UNIX market over the past two years/eight quarters In 4Q`03, IBM celebrates the two year anniversary of shipping the very first UNIX server based on POWER4 technology, the p690

About ShopNBC

ShopNBC is the nation`s third largest home shopping network and the flagship media property of ValueVision Media (Nasdaq: VVTV), which operates in the converged world of television, the Internet, and e-commerce. The live home shopping industry, the majority of ValueVision`s business, is $7 billion and growing at a double digit rate annually while the attendant e-commerce space is many times that size and also growing substantially. Fiscal 2002 sales for ShopNBC were $555 million. At the close of fiscal second quarter 2003, ShopNBC was broadcast into nearly 60 million cable and satellite homes. ValueVision Media also operates ShopNBC.com, which contributed $94 million in sales in fiscal 2002. The Company has been publicly traded since 1991 and trades on Nasdaq. GE Equity and NBC own approximately 40% of ValueVision Media.

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