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Behavioral Based Market Research Data Delivers Unique and Efficient way to Benchmark Performance, Measure Customer Satisfaction and Generate Competitive Analysis

NEW YORK - November 18, 2003 - NetRatings, Inc. (NASDAQ:NTRT), the provider of Nielsen//NetRatings, the global standard for Internet audience measurement and analysis, today announced the launch of Nielsen//NetRatings WebIntercept. A behavioral based tool, WebIntercept takes advantage of Nielsen//NetRatings unique patents for Internet measurement and analysis to provide timely and insightful market research.

Capturing the responses of a targeted group of Internet users, WebIntercept can survey panel members based on their real time behavior as they navigate the Web. Linking the survey to real-time Internet usage and behavior allows WebIntercept clients to reach consumers at a specific moment of interest, as surveys are triggered when a panelist visits a predetermined site or exhibits a predetermined behavior. By surveying the panel directly following the completion of a specific activity such as an online purchase, WebIntercept is able to avoid potential disparities related to sample recall or latency.

Sales and marketing executives can now connect directly with visitors to their own and their competitors` sites, providing a unique and efficient way to benchmark performance, measure customer satisfaction across an industry or gain access to competitive analysis. In addition to advanced competitive analysis, WebIntercept`s large panel size enables clients to collect the number of completed surveys needed to drill down to localized behavior statistics, not readily available with smaller panels. Clients using this service have access to a panel of two million potential respondents globally. The panel will be expanded to 3 million users, in December of 2003.

Recently, WebIntercept delivered a survey to Internet users logging on to search engines. In real time, the survey asked respondents "What is the purpose of today`s search?" Thirty-eight percent of those logging on to a search engine were searching for research purposes (see Table 1). Following closely 30 percent said the search was for entertainment or personal interests. The third most popular reason for conducting a search was to find more information about something they had heard by "word of mouth."

Table 1. Nielsen//NetRatings WebIntercept Responses from the Search Engine Survey*
Question: "What is the purpose of today`s search?"

For research: 38%
For entertainment or personal interests: 31%
To find out more about something you heard by "word of mouth:" 15%
For business: 14%
To comparison shop: 11%
To make a purchase: 10%
To look for news: 10%
To find a phone number or address: 7%
For personal finance information or to get investing tips and news: 6%
To look up an unfamiliar word: 3%
Other: 14%

*Please note that respondents could select multiple responses therefore percentages do not equal 100. Source Nielsen//NetRatings, WebIntercept

"In the past, we have turned to traditional survey research firms to conduct behavior and attitudinal surveys. Using the Nielsen//NetRatings WebIntercept survey has enabled us to pursue a project that would not have been possible through any other means," said Carol Darr, Director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet.

"WebIntercept marks a significant enhancement to our market research capabilities," said William Pulver, president and CEO, NetRatings, Inc. "WebIntercept adds behavioral survey capabilities to our suite of market research tools and complements our proven strength in media research. We are delighted with early client interest and have several companies across various industries signing on to leverage this service`s unique capabilities."

WebIntercept is currently available. Please contact Marc Ryan at 206-576-3530 or Jason Levin at 212-703-5936 for more information.

About Nielsen//NetRatings
Nielsen//NetRatings is the global standard for Internet audience measurement and analysis and is the industry`s premier source for online advertising intelligence with its NetView, AdRelevance, @Plan, WebRF, LemonAd, MegaPanel and SiteCensus services. Covering 70 percent of the world`s Internet usage, the Nielsen//NetRatings services offer syndicated Internet and digital media research reports and custom-tailored data to help companies gain valuable insight into their business. For more information, please visit www.nielsen-netratings.com.

About NetRatings, Inc.
NetRatings, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTRT) is the provider of the Nielsen//NetRatings services, which set the global standard for Internet audience measurement and analysis. Nielsen//NetRatings enables its customers to make informed business-critical decisions regarding their Internet strategies with its technology driven products and services, which include the Nielsen//NetRatings NetView Internet audience measurement service, AdRelevance online advertising intelligence, @Plan Web user lifestyle, demographic and product brand preferences data, WebRF, an Internet reach and frequency planning tool, and custom data, research and analysis.

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