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Power Sports Industry Retailer Leverages ATG to Bring Personalization and Scalability to its Primary Sales Channel

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., - October 20, 2003 - ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc., Nasdaq: ARTG), a leading provider of innovative software applications for commerce and customer self-service, today announced that Dennis Kirk, a specialty retailer for power sports enthusiasts, has re-launched its online channel using ATG Commerce. The new Web site gives customers instant access to more than 100,000 products for motorcycles, watercraft, ATVs and snowmobiles.

For the one-time catalog sales-driven retailer, the online channel has developed into its primary sales channel. The new ATG-powered site represents a third-generation eCommerce site for Dennis Kirk, which first hit the Web in the mid-1990s. Since the online channel began to hit its stride in 1998, the site has steadily increased its value to the corporate bottom line. As the underlying business value increased, the site began to show its limitations and Dennis Kirk executives recognized the site needed richer functionality and higher scalability.

"In business, it`s not often that an organization can see its future so clearly but we had arrived at a juncture where we recognized that eCommerce would be the focal point of our future," said Bob Behan, president and CEO, Dennis Kirk. "By re-launching denniskirk.com on ATG Commerce, we have ensured that the site will continue to grow with the company and we will be able to leverage ATG`s personalization capabilities to build long-lasting relationships with our customers."

The site`s new design and product categorization enables customers to quickly and easily locate parts and accessories based on specific models or brands. This functionality has allowed Dennis Kirk to narrow down the 100,000-product catalog to only those items that match the search criteria provided by customers. Dennis Kirk has also been able to apply this functionality to its outlet site, which contains recently discontinued items. The new site also allows users to link directly to eBay, where they can bid on return items.

"The online channel demands for companies are growing and organizations need to take steps today to ensure their Web sites will continue to meet the changing demands of their customers," said Phil London, executive vice president of products and technology, ATG. "By choosing to re-launch its site on ATG Commerce, Dennis Kirk has built a platform from which it can begin to realize the full potential of its eCommerce initiatives."

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