Retail Decisions Enhances Payment Product to Offer Dynamic Currency Conversion through Chase Merchant Services

Kurt Peters

HAZLET, NJ (September 29, 2003) - Retail Decisions, an international supplier of payment card fraud prevention and value added transaction services, today announced, in conjunction with Chase Merchant Services, LLC, the release of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). DCC is now available through LiveProcessor (TM), the company`s electronic payment processing solution and through ReD1(TM), Retail Decisions` fully managed payment gateway service.

Effective immediately, e-commerce merchants can guarantee prices in local currencies thereby eliminating the known risks associated with currency conversion. Merchants opting for DCC can perform transactions in the currency of the cardholder`s billing address, reflect merchandise price in the local monetary unit and receive payment in their native currency. Also, DCC eliminates Card Issuer and Association conversion fees and returns lost conversion-rate-revenue directly to the merchant.

Retail Decisions and Chase Merchant Services will market the new service to Chase Merchant Services` existing 84,000 merchants who process in excess of 2.9 billion annual transactions. By using DCC in combination with ebitGuard(TM), ReD`s fully-managed global fraud prevention service, merchants are now not only protected from the risk associated with foreign exchange rates but are also able to safely accept non US-based credit cards in the knowledge that they are protected against international payment card fraud.

According to Greg Cornwell, SVP Business Development at Chase Merchant Services, "We`ve received overwhelming demand for an alternative currency conversion tool that not only reduces costs but increases customer satisfaction by offering more flexibility and control in payments. We looked to Retail Decisions, as a trusted and proactive partner of ours, to assist Chase Merchant Services in bringing this feature to market in an expedient manner."

The Chase Merchant Services DCC service adds further value to the turn-key payment gateway solution offered by Retail Decisions and includes unique features like:

-- A published foreign exchange rate, Reuters, which is updated daily

-- Authorization logging in dual currencies for easy look up

-- Transaction authorization and settlement in the cardholder`s local currency

-- Transaction authorization and settlement using US multi-currency certified BINs and ICAs

-- Specific reversal and authorization Modules developed to facilitate automated incrementals

-- Complete authorization and settlement matching in both US and local currency to ensure integrity of clearing transaction

-- Consolidated back end reporting for easy merchant reconciliation

-- Free data analysis and Hit Rate reporting available on request.

"The continued evolution of ReD`s payment processing services is a testament to our commitment to provide e-commerce retailers with market-leading solutions to their card processing needs, " said Carl Clump, CEO of Retail Decisions. "As a leader in the provision of payment card processing and risk management services, ReD ensures that its customers can expect many more progressive offerings in the near future. These enhanced offerings, which provide a true financial benefit and competitive advantage to our customers, are made possible by the mutually beneficial relationships forged with high caliber companies such as Chase Merchant Services."

For more information on Dynamic Currency Conversion, LiveProcessor, ebitGuard and the new ReD1 payment gateway, call Retail Decisions at (401) 228-2383 or visit www.ReD1Gateway.com

About Retail Decisions

Retail Decisions (ReD) is an international electronic payment transaction services business that provides fraud prevention, enterprise-class payment processing software and value-added transaction and consulting services to the finance, telecommunications, retail and e-commerce sectors. ReD is able to predict and prevent payment card fraud, process high volumes of credit card and electronic check transactions and has a platform for a full range of transaction based value-added services.

In 2002, ReD processed in excess of 1.5 billion transactions, an increase of 45 percent over 2001, and stopped an estimated 4.6 million fraudulent transactions. ReD has more than 15 years experience in credit card risk management and payment processing services in the US. ReD has operations in the United States, Europe, South Africa and Australia. Retail Decisions is publicly traded on the official list of the London Stock Exchange under the trading symbol, "RTD." More information about ReD is available at www.retaildecisions.com

About Chase Merchant Services, LLC

Chase Merchant Services, L.L.C., is the nation`s largest merchant acquirer and the provider of Internet-based solutions for merchants. The company can be reached on the Web at www.chasemerchantservices.com. Chase Merchant Services processes 2.9 billion transactions a year and more than $226 billion in annual credit and debit card sales volume at the point of sale and over the Internet. Chase Merchant Services is a joint venture between First Data Merchant Services Corporation, a subsidiary of First Data Corp., the leading bankcard transaction processor, and Chase Merchant Ventures, Inc., a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank. JPMorgan Chase Bank is a subsidiary of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), (www.jpmorganchase.com), a premier global financial services firm with assets of $741 billion and operations in more than 50 countries.

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