eBooks.com Launches Full Text Search Capability

Paul Demery

Perth, Australia. 10:00 am EST Wednesday 24 September, 2003. In a retail first, digital book company eBooks.com announced today that it has indexed its entire collection, enabling fast, relevant searches across every word in every title in its database.

eBooks.com is one of the oldest retailers of commercial ebooks on the web, offering 25,000 titles across all subject categories.

"This feature changes the face of the ebook industry. Full text search means that now our customers are much more likely to find the information they`re looking for. If you want to know about "mushrooms" or "Agamemnon", you`ll find it at eBooks.com - whether or not those terms occur in a book`s title or description. Naturally, results are ranked intelligently, so that the most relevant book is likely to come up first. No other online bookstore does this," Stephen Cole, CEO of eBooks.com, said. "Our new search engine delivers fast, relevant search results to our customers, which translates into increased sales for those publishers whose titles are hosted at eBooks.com."

About eBooks Corporation Limited
eBooks Corporation is based in Perth, Western Australia, with offices in Boston and London. The company has been a global leader in ebook technology since its foundation in 1998. Its retail service, www.ebooks.com, is a leading retailer of ebooks on the web, offering tens of thousands of commercial titles from hundreds of global publishing houses.

Marketing Manager Leonie Harris
Managing Director Stephen Cole
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