Ensenda Announces Cross-Docking Delivery Service for Direct Shipment from Distribution Center to Customers

Kurt Peters

Leading Local Delivery Provider Reduces Cost of Order Fulfillment Up to 40%for National Retailers and Suppliers

SAN FRANCISCO September 22, 2003 Ensenda, Inc., a local delivery company that services all of North America, today announced the new Ensenda Cross-Docking delivery service that enables companies to reduce the cost of customer deliveries in high volume markets by up to 40%. Companies can ship customer orders in bulk from regional distribution centers to Ensenda’s cross-docking facilities, or to their own local branches, where they are immediately picked up by an Ensenda Local Delivery Provider and delivered to customers the same day. The new service streamlines the fulfillment of customer orders and eliminates the need for companies to maintain their own local warehouses and delivery fleets.

Increasing competition and narrow profit margins are forcing retailers and suppliers to constantly reevaluate operating costs and improve efficiencies. Cross-docking helps cut costs by bypassing the need to store and process inventory at local warehouses before it is delivered to individual branches or customers, and has become an increasingly common practice over the last few years. However, companies who manage their own cross-docking operations still incur the cost of maintaining local facilities and delivery fleets to complete the last-mile of the fulfillment process. Ensenda Cross-Docking allows shippers to eliminate these expenses and keep delivery costs in line with actual volume.

"After great success outsourcing our local deliveries and returns to Ensenda, we decided to use Ensenda Cross-Docking to further streamline our fulfillment process," said Graham Wood, co-founder and vice president of operations, Laser Networks. "As a result, we`ve been able to expand our business in new markets without having to invest in additional fixed assets, such as docks and delivery vehicles."

“Ensenda is committed to continuously adding services that provide our customers cost-saving opportunities at additional points along the supply chain,” said Chris Mannella, president and CEO, Ensenda, Inc. “Retailers who are striving to turn their ‘supply chains’ into ‘demand chains’, where local branches and warehouses stock and replenish only the inventory they immediately need, can leverage Ensenda Cross-Docking to support a demand-based shipping system in which expenses scale with actual volume.”

With Ensenda, companies can offer immediate, on-call same and next day delivery from any sales channel – storefront, call center and Web – at a cost lower than other expedited shipping services. Ensenda’s customers get access to an established, nationwide local delivery network covering all major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada. Ensenda provides a single point of contact for all local deliveries, and an easy-to-use Web-based system that makes the delivery process easier to manage. Ensenda’s current customers include leading retailers and industrial suppliers like Crate and Barrel, Sony, The Home Depot, Sur La Table, FAO, Inc., Follett Higher Education Group, Anthropologie, Burlington Coat Factory, and more.

About Ensenda

Ensenda enables retailers to offer same day delivery to online, call center and in-store customers, and allows buyers to receive purchases within a few hours of placing an order. Customers benefit from Ensenda’s local delivery network of 10,000 uniformed delivery personnel in more than 120 markets in the U.S. and Canada. Ensenda provides a single point of service and can be used to manage strategic processes including storefront delivery of heavy items, inventory balancing between stores, warranty/repair delivery and pickup, fleet replacement, and return/exchange service, and to optimize fulfillment of call center and online orders. The benefits to a retailer include increased customer satisfaction, the ability to drive incremental revenue, and reduced shipping costs by leveraging local inventory. Ensenda is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Visit Ensenda’s Website at www.ensenda.com .


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